Taiyo Yuden Disc

I have never used a Taiyo Yuden Disc. I want to purchase some but after reading here I am hesitant on purchasing due to all the copies out their. I here they have a milky center.

Would someone post a picture and some helpful hints on identifying them?

I’ve found the easiest way is to get Fujifilm or TDK and look for the ‘Made in Japan’ comment on the outside somewhere. But this isn’t completely fool-proof.

Try here:


I’ve bought TY from them, and it’s the real thing.


If you buy your TY’s from www.rima.com you will get “A” Grade medias for a very reasonable price-


Thanks for your help everyone, I will try.

News Flash…

Even for you Mike.:stuck_out_tongue: I bought a 50 tub of TDK’s on sale this week from BB and decided to take a chance and purchase one that had a sticker over the UPC that you could plainly see through Made in Taiwan. But the sticker over the top of it says Made in Japan. Just for the hell of it I wanted to see if they (TDK) were scamming us. Low and behold the stickered tubs are TY’s. Now this was purchased in Scottsdale Az. USA. I’ll run a check at my home base Best Buy later this week when I get there and see if they have any stickered ones. If so, I’ll buy another and see if it holds true there too and post to let you all know.