Taiyo Yuden CDRs

How do I know which CDRs are made by Taiyo Yuden, apart from identifying the Japanese made ones?
In Hong Kong here, some disc are being sold without packages (only a plastic bag with 10 disc in it), I tried to look for those 50 disc/spindle, but only Taiwan made.
Is there a specific brand which uses Taiyo Yuden disc? Do they have specific code which I can check on the disc/package?

For CDRs, we have (name brands) those like Ricoh, Sony, Maxell, TDK, Mitsubishi, Verbatim…

Taiyo Yuden disc are available for sale under the brand name That’s, but those are way too expensive! So I’m looking for the OEM ones…

Thanks a lot.

All Taiyo Yudens is made in Japan.

Their spindles have a small screwtop that need to be unscrewed to get the top off…

It’s just impossible to tell those by simply looking at the numbers on the circle, because they vary from one manufacturer to the other.
For ex. : TDK’s TY - PM 11423
HP’s TY - PS 6962 , PC 10231

Just look closely at the circle around the hole. The TY’s circle is kind of misty not real translusent.
As OC-Freak put it earlier : " a bit “greyish” ".

Thanks for the replies…

Which specific brands use TY discs? I only know Sony does.

Fuji, just look for the screwtop.

Tayio Uden also makes them for TDK and Memorex now.

The 50 packs come with a screw top lid like Fuji/HP/Sony and the label is printed onto the plastic shrink wrap, instead of a paper label thats been shrink wrapped.

Also they all say "Made in Japan"in the small print…if they dont these are proably Ritek/CMC (Cheaply Made Crap) made in Tiawan.

I havent seen any Memorex Data CD-R’s in my area but I have seen the Audio CD’s (PS dont buy them if you have a Computer CD-RW - these are made for stand alone CD-R recorders for home stereos!).