Taiyo Yuden CDRs at PC World (UK)

I went on the hunt for media at my local PC World, Curry’s and Staples stores today…Imagine my surprise when I saw the familiar cakebox (Verbatim CDRs, “Extra Protection Surface”, 50 pcs).

I bought two…I was 99% sure they were TY, but just wanted to make sure :wink:

They do say “Made in Japan” on the shrinkwrap, and Curry’s are selling them also.

First time in two years I’ve seen TY in a regular store…much less PC World! They weren’t on sale or anything, so expect to pay Curry’s and PCW’s usual “lovely” prices.

Just a heads-up for the UK’ers :slight_smile:

and what was this special price you paid per unit?

That’s interesting.

The “Extra Protection” verbs I’ve bought in the past have been CMC & Made In China.

Might be worth a look.

Special price…more like extortionate :bigsmile: - there were quotes around the word lovely for a reason :bigsmile:

£12.99 for a 50 spindle. I was just pleased to find some in a regular B&M store, no matter what the price!

So they really were Extra Protection? I’ve only seen Pastel Discs before… :frowning:
Do you have a photo of the cakebox?

Yep, they sure were. And I can take a pic tomorrow - I still have one cakebox, with the shrinkwrap still intact (the other one has been opened, to correctly identify the discs) :slight_smile:

they have them at SPV if you really want them, for 6.97 too,exluding shipping, so you are looking at a quid less than what Arachne got them for :bigsmile:

None in my local PC World but Curry’s have them. Watch out though the 100 packs are MIC, just the 50s are MIJ.

Hehe, I was just glad to find some on my monthly media hunt (i.e. in a regular store). :bigsmile:

Cheers for the heads-up about the 100 packs, Tim…to be honest, I only looked at the ones with TY-style cakeboxes. :slight_smile:

was going to say, its £6.61 for a 50 pack at SVP with the cdfreaks discount

what discount>?>?>>>> I didnt hear about a discount for cdfreaks members?

Send Steve (steve@svp.co.uk) a message saying

please may i have the cdfreaks discount on my account


Cdfreaks Username:

You will need an account first ofcourse


Nice one, Mr. Brownstone…I couldn’t remember the details of the CDF discount :bow:

OK, pics as promised…excuse their crappiness, they were somewhat rushed, and with all the resizing I had to do… :slight_smile:

Hope you can get a good idea of the cakebox from the size (I already played with these pics a fair bit to upload, I wasn’t going to spend any more time trying to get them perfect :bigsmile: ).

W00T!! With the current spv offer I got a pack of those for £8.60 :bigsmile: Sorry Arachne, i just had to say it :flower: :clap:

are these ones as good? :http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=60

At least. Pastels are always TY, so you can’t be wrong at all with those.
I heard that Plextor TY CD-R burn better than Verbatim Pastels (and most likely the Verbatim Extra Protection) do, though…

Nah, good stuff…pleased to hear it :bigsmile:

Hmm, wish we had the Plextor-branded TY CD-Rs here. The Maxell CD-R Pro discs are probably just as good though; they’re TY too. Fujifilm is the easiest TY 48x to get for me.

Not true. I have tested / scanned tons of both, with almost identical (excellent) results. Typical C1 averages of 0.3 - 0.6 with my Plextor Premium. The best burn so far was actually with a Verbatim Pastel disc.

Brand: Verbatim Pastel 48x CD-R (50 Spindle), 80 PG1175
ATIP: 97m24s01f, Taiyo Yuden
Burner: Plextor Premium 1.05
Burned at 32x with Nero (3:17 Min)