Taiyo Yuden CDr discs in Western Australia

I found a compu store in western australia that actually sells Taiyo Yuden CDR discs(thanks to a fellow aussie member on this review forum) and they are a reasonable price.

Best Buy Computers is the store in Cannington & Osborne Park they sell the cdr gold label brand for $11 a ten pack with jewel cases and printable white faced cdr $12 with jewel cases.

They are rated on the packets up to 32 speed. Best buys checked with the supplier and they can burn up to 52 speed. ( I have a email from best buys if you want see what they said about this just PM me for it).

I have used both types of TY media and they say they are the same disc only different face. They burn at 40 speed no probs on my lite on 40x12x48 and they are very good quality.

I had a hard time chasing TY media in WA as very few compu stores sell them. Most others sell immitation tdk etc which are all made in taiwan.

So I thought I would post this just to let you people know where to get these discs in WA.


Do you know if TY’s are available in Adelaide? I figure if you know they’re sold in Perth, on the other side of Oz, then maybe you also know about here, at the half-way point. :smiley:

I’ve haven’t even seen Fuji’s here.:Z

Cheers, cobber.

With smart burn drive
:stuck_out_tongue: TY 16X maximum speed limited at 16X but safe for 32x write
:slight_smile: TY 24X & 32X maximum speed limit at 40X but safe for 48x write
:cool: TY 40X (not on sale yet, but very soon!!) safe for 52x+ maximum???

here is some test result of TY disc vs other brands http://www.discdupe.org/i/evaluations.htm

As far as I know, the distributor of TY disc for Western Australia is Called “Softline Australia Distribution”
Phone # 08-92257699

I think the company called “Softline” is also on Short street & they have Taiyo Yuden disc all the time!

Please call 08-9225-7699 to find out the address from them!
Good Luck!

thanks thatscdr for the post. good bit of info to know.

Thanks for your replys all . Thatscdr thanks for the tip on the supplier.


Bought some That’s CD-R Taiyo Yuden’s from Best Buy’s today. They look pretty impressive!

I’ll post WSES scans of these discs as soon as I make them and as soon as I find a suitable web server!

So now I have a large selection of CD-R medias; Kodak Gold Ultima, Kodak Ultima, Mitsui Gold GD74, Datastream/Prodisc Gold/Gold 74min, Kodak Digital Science Formazan, Sony CDQ-74CN (Taiyo), Sony CDQ-74CNZ Blank Top Taiyo, Ricoh 8x (burnable @ 40x), Imation 8x Taiyo Yuden, TDK Made in Japan, TDK Ritek, and Mitsubishi/Verbatim METAL AZO 16x


Paid a visit to Netway Computers, Southlands Boulevarde, Willetton today. They had 10packs of 1x-24x That’s CD-R 80min. discs for AU$15.

The best bet it still Best Buys Osbourne Park or Cannington.


Does anyone know if the MediaPlex shop on Short Street, Perth stocks Taiyo Yudens? They WERE my suppliers of Sony CDQ-74CNZ unbranded Taiyo Yuden…


Thanks for your information thatscdr. Greatly appreciated.

That’s it, I’m going there as soon as I get a chance!


Originally posted by thatscdr
I think the company called “Softline” is also on Short street & they have Taiyo Yuden disc all the time!

can you be anymore specific?, I want to go tommorrow so its probably too late for someone to reply, but I would prefere not to walk down the whole street.