Taiyo Yuden CDr discs in Melbourne?

Does anyone know where I can buy Taiyo Yuden cdrs in Melbourne?

Hey, if I can’t get 'em in Adelaide, why should you be able to get 'em in Melbourne?:stuck_out_tongue:

Lets not get too carried away now!!

OK, I admit it, most Victorians I know are nice people (all 4 of them :wink: .

Let us know if you locate any T.Y’s, maybe I can find the same brand here. Haven’t had any success so far.


You still hunting for ty cdrs sozos?

Haven’t you found any alternative brand that works for you yet?

With all the different brands available, surely there’s at least one that does what you want it to even if ty cdrs aren’t available here. :wink:

I have found the Verbatim DataLifePlus, Sony and Mitsui gold work very well with my TEAC burner. I am just interested to try the T.Y’s but obviously there are none in Melbourne.

Another question, is there a point using blank Audio CDR’s to record my music?

I have to say that the above brands work well with my cd player but I was always curious why audio cdr’s? I have also bought some Sanyo bland cdrs from Kmart but once I have burnt 78mins of music, my cd player does not play the last ~6mins, weird.

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“Another question, is there a point using blank Audio CDR’s to record my music?”

Audio CD-R’s have extra coding to enable standalone audio CD recorders to record onto the discs. Also, many of these Audio CD-Rs are only designed to be written at 8x-speed or slower. The extra costs associated with Audio CD-R’s is due to the royalties which have to be paid to the record companies for each CD-R sold.

If you have a CD Recorder in your computer, there is no reason to buy Audio CD-R’s, unless you find them at a low price.

Hope that helps,



Thank you for your reply, you have answered my question.
I don’t have a stand alone audio cd recorder so I wont be using audio cdrs.