Taiyo Yuden Cdr 100 pk 15.99 w/ coupon

Meirtline.com weekly special.


Nice catch. Sales on TY CDs are rare.

If I didn’t have a lot of Cd-r stock to ‘burn,’ I’d be snatching those up too. Hopefully, that kind of sale will become more commonplace, then–especially if they aren’t instantly depleted from everyone scrambling to get them all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

just ordered them, total cost with shipping ( shipping cost was 8.59) from California to Florida was 24.58, still not a bad deal.

I would buy if the cakebox is a little nicer. The TY cakebox is as bad looking as CMC’s. Ricoh and Ritek’s 50 disc spindles are the best. Why can’t others just copy the design.

The Ritek cake boxes are nice, much nicer than the CMC ones. But the (real) TY ones are the BEST! :slight_smile: Easy to open, and super easy to close.

BTW: no matter what the cake box “looks” like, always get TY if you can. The contents are more important the the cake box design. :iagree: