Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs



What’ the best? At the moment i use the Professional Gold Ultra. Never used the ceramic mat or ceramic coat, what’s the difference?


You’re a pretty lucky guy to get any That’s branded TY media locally.
The ceramic coat discs might be more resistant to scratches, because the CD’s special geometry makes CDs sensitive to scratches on the label side(!)
This is somewhat comparable to Verbatim’s Crystal CD-R.


It’s no surprise that it can be found in Greece, Hemi has posted about it a few times in here. :wink:


Sure, there’s Disc Impex there :wink:


Where can I find these online to ship to the USA?


Oh, you’re most likely out of luck if you want That’s ceramic CD-R in the US. I only have 100 That’s ceramic CD-R left too :frowning:
Taiyo Yuden CD-R can be had almost everywhere on the web though.


Pffft, that’s (LOL) 100 more than most of us have :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not going to burn any of them until there’s something to celebrate.
Until then, my 200 Verbatim Pastel Disc left will always be there for me. :iagree:
(Well, actually 300, but I’ll never dare to touch the 100 older 48x ones with the straight hub code instead of the round hub code.)


Yeah i heard about that too, i might have to go to Greece and check it out myself one day :cool:


what’s this? there’s 2 kinds of Verbatim Pastels ??? never heard of this!
evilboy, can you please elaborate on that?


Actually three kinds.
40x, 48x, and the everywhere available 52x.
A shop here carried the 48x flavor in 50 That’s cakeboxes until only a few months ago. I should have bought more. They have the straight hub code.
The newer 52x have a round hub code.
I know that somebody here mentioned that the straight hub coded ones burn better than the round hub coded ones, and posted a link to 40x TY Auduio CD-R, but I can’t find it at the moment. Could be a myth too though.


searched for it, didn’t find it. only found 2 references to a round hub code/serial number, both by you :slight_smile:

i’ve got some TY CD-R media, 2 types, both of them have a straight hub serial number.

  1. TDK Reflex ULTRA, 24x, 650MB.

  1. Verbatim DataLife Pastels, 48x. don’t know if it’s a That’s cakebox, sort of looks like it with the bulge down the side, but the base isn’t corrugated. got some of these also in slim jewel cases.

is this what you call a That’s cakebox?

didn’t know there were 2 kinds of the Pastels. but then again i bought these quite a while ago and haven’t looked at them closely since. next time i’m in Office Depot i’ll look to see if they’re 48x or 52x.

as i recall the newer Verbatim Pastels burned better than the older TDKs. but i have to check up on that, it’s been a while since i did those tests.