Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s & DVD-R’s

Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s & DVD-R’s

I’ve always been told that these are the best media for receiving the best all around results. I’ve noticed on a few of the Sites that sell them that they range in price and that the color of the disks very also. I also noticed that there are different speeds in both CD-R’s & DVD-R’s as well. Also I’ve been told that they need to be manufactured in Japan to insure that you receive the highest quality disks. Here go the obvious questions. What is the best all around DVD-R & CD-R Disks by Yuden? Is there a preferable speed or color that tends to have better results? How can you be sure if they were manufactured in Japan, & what internet store offers the best all around deals on Taio Yuden for burning CD’s & DVD-R’s? These are all probably subject to personal preferences and maybe Types of Burners (I just got a new Gateway and it’s listed as a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552D). Maybe you can be good enough to tell me all that I need, or what is best, what you use and why to and or all of the above.

Thank ahead of time you guy (and gals) always pull me through
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Many American users here buy their TYs at www.rima.com. They are 100% Genuine TY.
8x DVD-/+R is very good media and I would stick with those.
Any TY CD-R from Rima will do its job perfectly.

The color has no influence on what so ever.
As said before Rima has 100% genuine TYs and according to US users on the forums Rima is highly recommended.

There’s a ton of information in The Taiyo Yuden FAQ on this forum, you might want to start there.

The 8x rated Taiyo Yuden DVD±R media still has the widest compatibility with burners, but with some of the latest burners you can get just as good results with 16x rated Taiyo Yuden DVD±R media, although it seems that there is more variability in the 16x rated media than in the 8x rated media.

Any Taiyo Yuden CD-R media should be fine, unless you have some rare burner that doesn’t like it - most burners do like it!

All Tayo Yuden media is “Media in Japan”, so the reason people are looking for the MIJ label is that they want real Taiyo Yuden media instead of fake Taiyo Yuden media or instead of media manufactured by someone else.

Samsung burners aren’t that good, they don’t have anything special.
Get an LG for burning and a LiteOn for scanning. :wink:


You have so many collections. But which is the best according to you?