Taiyo Yuden CD-R80, 48x, E-Grade or a-grade

greetings from germany.

recently i had some very bad results with ordinary low cost cdr.

so i came across taiyo yuden (ty)

Taiyo Yuden CD-R80, 48x, E-Grade 

following problem accured:

company number 1 writes : e-grade (for exellent) is the top quality
a-grade is still better than no name cdr

of course e-grade cdr cost more than a-grade

but another company in germany writes following: see my translation

ATIP: 97m 24s 01f
Disc manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden Company Ltd.

the real taiyo yuden in class a+ ( is offered once in a while from traders and distributors as “e-grade”)
the highest qualitylevel of this company, so a high-end-cd as absulute bargainprice.

see below the original german words of the homepage:

Die Echten Taiyo Yuden in Referenzklasse A+ (wird hin und wieder von Händlern und Distributoren auch als “E-Grade” angeboten
Die höchste Qualitätsstufe dieses Herstellers, daher ein High-End-Rohling zum absoluten Schnäppchenpreis!

so i have a few questions : is e- or a-grade the top quality of ty -cdr ???

and is it ok to pay company one: ( aprox. 0,60 euro for e-grade and aprox 0,40 euro for a-grade) ???

has anybody tried ty cdr 80 48x a-grade and can recommend them??

anyhow, thanks in advance for any answer in this matter from germany.


Pls learn more on this subject in CD-RW Media Tests.

As for the grades, goto Disc Grading System in my signature.
Btw, this question has already been asked and answered, please do the search.

thanks for the information.

found the thread dated 24.08.03.
very helpful

greetings from germany