Taiyo Yuden CD-R Positive Verification?



I have some Maxell and Sony CD-R disks that came with the Made in Japan label on the outer wrapper (these are 25 and 30 pack cake boxes I think). The inner ring is frosted (opaque plastic). The codes seem in line with what I’ve read on this site but I’m not sure. Lastly when I put them in my drive and use the disk ID function in the CD burning s/w I have been using (burrrn.exe) it comes up with Taiyo Yuden company info. I guess this means these are Taiyo Yuden CD-r’s. Can some of the more knowledgeable comment on this for me. Is this enough to say these are definitely made by TY? Thanks, appreciate any feedback.


We can only go on the MID as you say it is reporting TY though I can’t see Sony faking a MID. THe stamper code would help those who know what these mean, it will be almost invisible right near the inner edge of the hub.


Yes, current 30-ct spindles made in Japan are TY, and they have a characteristic TY cakebox to prove it. The ones I’ve seen are audio discs.


Please post your codes near the inner hub.

Are those Maxell labeled “Maxell CD-R Pro” ? I have a few boxes of those and they are indeed genuine TYs.


If you buy CD-Rs from major Brands like Maxell, Sony, Verbatim, TDK, Plextor or Fuji etc and they say MIJ on it and the burning app also says TY you should be on the safe side because these makers do not have the need to fake Ids.


Thanks for the responses.

The Maxell ones are CD-R Pro.

Codes examples:

6L534L5050780 (in the frost, visible from top, bigger characters)
80 PD13607 (on data burning side, smaller characters)

Maxell (Pro):
80 PG1229


Serials just conferm that it’s TY !