Taiyo Yuden CD-R Media



Did I get stung? The blog has recommended Yuden CD-R’s as a great product for copying (burning CD’s.) I just received 100 Silver Thermal Lacquer 52X CD-R Media Pack in Cake Box. Manufacturer Part#: CDR80ZZ100SB-ZM. The plasyic wrap identified the discs as noted above. The disks themselves are blank. No Mfg name, no nothing. I have never bought a CD without Mfg name and information as to what it was for along with 80min 700mb etc plastered all over it. Would such a leader in the blank CD market produce a product with no reference or Mfg name on it. This blows me away. I bought these CD’s from “Supernediastore.” Do I really have Yuden CD’s or have I been scamed. Thanks or your input.


The Taiyo Yuden CD-R media you can buy online are all without any kind of branding on the disc.
SuperMediaStore is known to sell genuine Taiyo Yuden media.

Taiyo Yuden media also exist as branded media, but not under the Taiyo Yuden name. Brands include “That’s”, “JVC”, “Plextor” (no longer made) as well as some other brands that are not always Taiyo Yuden or are no longer Taiyo Yuden.


Taiyo Yuden are overrated now a days IMO.


[QUOTE=eric93se;2504678]Taiyo Yuden are overrated now a days IMO.[/QUOTE]Not for CD-R. IMO2 :smiley:



[QUOTE=eric93se;2504678]Taiyo Yuden are overrated now a days IMO.[/QUOTE]

Have to agree with Michael on this one. TY cds have been good for quite a long time. I don’t use anything else for cd media.

Now, you might get some support on the quality of TY 16x dvds. :slight_smile:


Taiyo Yuden CD-R are excellent media, and even the 16x DVDs are solid media that performs well in aging tests (although they might not give the extremely low PIE diagrams from the good old days, but nowadays, even MCC 004 became quite variable).

If you can see the CD-R having a frosted hub, it is most likely Taiyo Yuden media.