Taiyo Yuden CD-R in SOHR-5238S CD-RW

My Lite-ON SOHR-5238S CD Writer seems incapable of creating readable CDs from Taiyo Yuden CD-R media while my Lite-ON SOHW-1213S@1653S has no problem and creates excellent quality CDs with the Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs.

The SOHR-5238S has no problem with CMC and other CD-Rs I have tried.

Both are flashed with the latest formware.

What’s going on?

Have you scanned for C1 and C2 errors?

I’ve heard (when I posted a scan of my own - a CDR scanned in a LiteOn) that LiteOns aren’t too trustworthy for scanning CDRs.

DrageMester told me this, and I respect his opinion. :slight_smile:

My solution to that problem, is a TRT in an LG drive (they don’t support quality scanning).

Yes I have scanned for errors.

The Taiyo Yuden CDs written on the SOHR-5238S are sometimes so bad that a scan won’t even complete. Others have areas (mostly near the end) where the errors are up in the 1000s.

Are you sure those aren’t fakes?
Do they have a frosted inner ring? Is a serial in this ring?

Not really relivant. I’ve had CDs that won’t even read.

Also I’ve long ago assessed the ability of my drives to scan. The SOHR-5238S doesn’t scan perfectly but the SOHW-1213S@1653S is okay at scans with either KProbe or Nero CD-DVD Speed.


I don’t think they’re fakes - they do have a frosted inner ring with white serial number.

Anyway the same CD-Rs burn very well in the SOHW-1213S@1653S.
Typically C1=0 and C2<30.

Although a disc with C2 errors is still readable, a healthy disc should not have any C2 errors. Did you mean C1 < 30 and C2 = 0?

Yes I did. Sorry.

Transfer Rate Test.

slightly ot: liteon dvdrws should not be used to scan cds, the c1 reporting is whacked. however liteon cdrws (not combos) should be able to report c1 errors with some amount of accuracy.

Very useful comment.
Where can I find more info on which drives do scans correctly?