Taiyo Yuden CD-R BO's - $10 Per 100 + Shipping


For those looking for high quality CD-R at a low price - these "Black Outs’ may be your answer - the shipped cost for 10 packs (1000) shipped was $131.16 - here:


YMMV -eh!

I take it you’ve tried the “Black Out” media? If so, how was it?


To be honest - no I have not used the “Black Out” Taiyo Yuden CD-R media - and currently own/burn Taiyo Yuden CD-R media - I don’t think the “Black Out” would be any different-eh!

I remember seeing these in store a few months ago. They were made for Walmart/Sam’s Club.

Did youreally bought 10 Thounsand (10000) CD-r WOW, you must have a large CD-R producing compay.

thanks bigmike! you scored at $.13 ea

I don’t burn much cd-r and shipping kills the deal on a single pack, so I am very tempted to buy in bulk like you did then ebay all but one or two spindles :cool:

When you get them can you post a picture? I’d like to know just how much of the surface is “blacked out” because if it’s all or mostly black you’re not going to be able to print or sharpie on them.


I wasn’t aware they made Silver sharpies - I still wanna see what the discs look like though. Are they completely covered in Black, or is it just black over the existing silkscreen, with the rest of the disc still being shiny silver?

The discs are completely black, but by holding the discs at an angle, you can see what was there before.

Yeah there is silver and gold metallic colored sharpie and I currently use it even on white or shiny silver surface…which looks pretty good on it.
But downside, tip is too thick and it smells strong and not sure it is safe on long term yet.

Why on earth you guys even want to try this BO one?
It maybe okay if it is on DVDs since DVDs are made of two poly layers on top and bottom, but CDs have no plastic layer on top and it will tear off more easily that is reflective layer.
My advice is try it f you are burning for temporary use but not for anything else.
With shipping cost, I do not think it is worth it since most CD-R in retail stores are about the same price and most CD-Rs are of same or at least similar quality these days.

how much is the average shipping, it could ruin the deal, any1 made any purchases??