Taiyo Yuden CD-R Authenticity

To any of the experts on this site:

I’ve searched as much I could but only found branded related ID info for Taiyo Yuden. I just received my first batch of silver thermal finish generic Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s and after burning 4 of them only two will read TOC and/or cue up track 1. I have a Fostex CR 200 studio mastering deck, not a PC burner. I have been using Sony Music CD-R’s as a reference CD since they have not provided any issues for me (even though I am not restricted to these with these with the copy protrection bit, they have the only blue substrate on the commercial market) and have a stash of Kodak CD-R’s that are out of production with no problems. I wanted to expand my options for media and after reading the high praises of this brand was curious. Now so far I am disappointed. I am actually questioning if I really received authentic Taiyo Yuden media. All I have is a code of 80PG7673 and each one has a serial number printed on the clear area in a curcular patteren on the inner ring. The original cake box was broken in shipment so I don’t have that anymore.
Is there an absolute way to ID an authentic TY CD, pehaps even a program that will ID the manufacturer?
Also I am wondering why is there no mention of Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs gold plated media touted as the “BEST” also?

Thank you to anyone in advance for any info!!!

This program is for a computer with CDROM Drive and it will tell you the Disc Manufacture and Recording layer all you have to do is get to a computer, friend, library?

This free program will tell you who made your blank disc
Put your disc in the drive and double click CDR Identifier and click on your drive and there you have it.

CDR Media Code Identifier 1.63

I’ve searched as much I could but only found branded related ID info for Taiyo Yuden.[/quote]Have you already checked our [B]Taiyo Yuden FAQ[/B] thread?


Thank you all. That ID program is great, just what I was looking for. I DO have a PC with a CD and DVD DL burner but never burned anything other than disposable CD-R’s or car copies on it as I was sure that my Fostex and Pioneer component burners do a better job. I just found and purchased an outboard Plextor higher end DVD burner and with all the high quality ripper programs out there am going to start more experimentation on the PC side of this. To offer back a great program suggestion, this freeware program for audio CD duplication has alotof features that studio and audiophile types prefer and is accuate:


Thanks to you all again!!! I LOVE this forum!!