Taiyo Yuden Burn Speed



I purchased Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x T02 from Rima. My burner is a Samsung 203B. I use ImgBurn or Nero.

For quality results, should I burn the T02 discs at 4x or 8x?

I would test the results myself, but I do not have a Lite-On drive to scan. I looked at some of the scans posted on the forum but don’t really know how to interpret them. Thank you if someone can tell me the optimal speed for quality to burn.


I’d burn them at the rated 8x on the Sammy, but that’s just personal preference, they tend to produce nice scans at that speed on all my drives, and playback isn’t a problem. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forums VDubb. You can use your Samsung to scan disks if you download and install Nero CD/DVD Speed (free) and then make a small change to the registry. Here are the instructions

I burn these TY 8x +R disks at 8x, and have never had any problems in my Samsung 203B or my Pioneer burners using them at that speed.


Agree with the others here… All TY’s should be burnt at their rated speeds.


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[quote=NortsAndOnes;2034552]Agree with the others here… All TY’s should be burnt at their rated speeds.[/quote] Well, I’d have to disagree then, because in my experience most of the time Taiyo Yuden 16x media (and indeed all 16x media) usually burn better at 8x or 12x than at rated speed.

Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD media usually burns better at 8x or 6x depending on the drive.

There are exceptions to this, but all things considered, 8x is usually the best choice for TY 8x/16x DVD media and 12x is usually a safe choice for 16x TY media.

Good batches of TY media will burn at the highest supported speeds in most modern drives, but quality control is not what it used to be with blank DVD media, and the mediocre-to-bad batches may not like to be burned at the higher speeds.


Thanks. I did a burn at 8x and scanned it at 4x speed using Nero.
Disc was 4123 MB.

Quality Score: 95

PI Errors
Maximum: 8
Average: 0.71
Total: 11727

PI Failures
Maximum: 2
Average: 0.00
Total: 148

Jitter: N/A


Fantastic numbers!

Well I disagree with everyone, my T02 burns fine at 16x with my bro’s NEC 3500 and slightly worse at 12x (yes, weird). 8x gives the best of course.
I think T02 gets burned good no matter the speed. There are even some good 20x results with modified 203B firmwares.

My suggestion is get T02 discs and don’t care about the drive or speed. :slight_smile: