Taiyo Yuden Brands

Could anyone tell me which brands produce Taiyo Yuden DVDs?

In what country? In the USA its Sony, Fuji, and very rare Verbatim (almost extinct) But you must look for " Fabrique a Japan " on the label.

Verbatim [B]pastel disc[/B], all Plextor CD and DVD should be taiyo.

There are many unbranded Taiyo. All sony made in Japan should be taiyo.

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There’s plenty of Sony made in Japan that isn’t TY, but is Sony.

so sony made in japan is not Taiyo Yuden ? And Fujifilm is the same as fuji??

Also can anyone suggest to me a good online supplier of Taiyo Yuden dvds. I’m from Malta - Europe

I’ve got two 5-packs of Maxell 4x +Rs here that are YUDEN000 T01, but they’re the only Maxell-branded TY’s I’ve seen myself.

And I believe it was just sheer luck that I got those…I’ve also had Panasonic-branded TYG01s.

There are also Plextor-branded TY (at least, here in Europe).

I’m not sure if www.svp.co.uk ship to Malta…have a look and see. Good news for you if they do :slight_smile:

Try this; they sell also in Italy, but I don’t know if Malta is included :frowning:


Some old TDK 8x+R MIJ is TY T02’s, most TDK is now MIT; JVC branded 8x-R MIJ is TYG02, most is now MIM (Malaysia).

[I]Some[/I] Sony MIJ is Ty, some Sony. Same with Fuji, though less lately.

I can’t make heads or tales from the original question. No brand produces Taiyo Yuden media, it’s actually the opposite: Taiyo Yuden produces/manufactures media. This media can be found under several brands.

The only brands that I know that always sells [I]only[/I] TY media are [I]Plextor[/I] and [I]That[/I]'s (TY’w own brand name).

Other brands selling TY discs are TDK, Sony, Fuji, Verbatim… but not constantly. So you can never be sure (not even with the “made in japan” notice, as these can as well be Sony or Fujifilm).

Well, all the “new” [B]8X[/B] MIJ Sony is Taiyo Yuden. 16X Sony DVD-Rs can be TYG03. In Fujifilm’s case, I don’t believe they manufacture recordable media in Japan in volume.

Add Panasonic DVD-R with a “Made in Japan” sticker on them to the list.

German / Benelux online suppliers of genuine Taiyo Yuden discs:




(All should ship to Malta, but you better ask first. Malta is “DHL Zone 3”.)

UK supplier:


(don’t know if they ship to Malta though)

Newegg sells Taiyo Yuden branded DVD-Rs, so are these guaranteed to be made in Japan??? I’d have to think so.

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There is no such thing as “Taiyo Yuden branded DVDRs”, what you find on the market advertised as such are (when genuine!) unbranded/OEM discs manufactured by TY. Most of the time these discs are excellent. Also to reply to your other question, genuine TY is always manufactured in Japan. :iagree:

There are lots of fakes floating around, I’m not sure about Newegg as I’ve come across at least one report of possible fake TY bought from them: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1277942&postcount=479.

The “brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens” thread

I think that most hard-core TY users in the USA buy their TY from Rima.com.

No, No, you got it arse backwards. WHICH BRANDS DOES TY PRODUCE!!! :wink: Since TY is the manufacturer. Anyways outside of “That’s” or “Plextor” TY doesn’t really have an exclusive brand. They have been found under fujifilm, maxell, sony, verbatim, ect. although under name brands, manufacturers are very fluid, in that they change who they outsource to all of the time. MIJ Sony or MIJ Verbatim would probably be your best bet.

Hey godofwar752,

The only brand TY sold in my country these days is Verbatim DVD+R 8x – advanced azo - 25x cakebox (great quality so far…).
All TY Verb. cakeboxes here have GREY bottom, while MIT Verb. cakeboxes have BLACK bottom.
I have heard some similar reports from Greece and Serbia lately. Since our region is not far from Malta, you could pay attention to your local Verb. stocks. Just make sure there is a “Made in Japan” sticker.

I don’t see that TY Verbatims, here in Serbia, but I hope I will see it!!!

Thanks for confirming the Panasonic brand that I’d already posted about! So I’m not the only person to get those - I got the impression they weren’t too common! :slight_smile:

And I too suggested SVP, although I’m not sure where they ship (all I know is, they ship to Franck in Belgium :bigsmile: ).

Sorry, I hadn’t read the thread properly before replying it seems, my fault. Panasonic DVD-R made in Japan are definitely Taiyo Yuden discs, and available at retailers here in Germany (affordable price even). I haven’t seen any made in Japan DVD+R discs from Panasonic yet though, only made in Taiwan ones.

I can also confirm that JVC DVD-R discs (made in Japan) are from Taiyo Yuden also, like jhtalisman mentioned already. Those are quite rare, and even less common than Panasonic.