Taiyo Yuden Brand Shop

Does this shop sell authentic taiyo yuden Dvds because they seem very cheap??


Meritline does sell genuine TY, but they also sell value-line TY and don’t always clearly differentiate them. they have also sold fake TY in the past without saying it was fake. Bottom line is that you cannot be certain with Meritline.

If you want guaranteed premium TY, go to www.rima.com.

:iagree: Appears to be pretty standard pricing for ValueLine TY here in the US. You will pay more for Premium. Lot’s of thread material around on Value Vs Premium grade TY. Search on Valueline and it should turn up all the info you could ever ask for.

I concur with you 100%. Meritline’s business practices leave something to be desired.

Meritline seems no better or worse a place to buy TY from [B]currently[/B] than any other. The “faked” TY is gone, and I see a clear distinction between the valueline and premium on their site…

Rima does not ship to europe. I currently use os-mediatrade but their delivery service is slow

If you like the price, try xmediatrade - they shipped in just a few days to me: