Taiyo Yuden Blank Dvd Alert



Just wanted to let people know…

I ordered 6 packs of Taiyo Yuden Silver Full Face Inkjet Printable DVD-Rs 8x from here…

on sun 28th may. The above link shows what i ordered. They arrived today which is excellent, considering it was a bank holiday here, and are as described above, but they were the half faced variety that arrived. I rang them immediately to ask them if my order had been mixed up. They were very nice, and after doing all the measuring of the discs that they asked, they still said that they were full faced, and the conversation ended with no resolves. I realised that i had made a mistake in the measuring. I was giving the centimetre readout in millimetres! :doh: So i rang them again and explained, and they told me that they were definately half faced dvd’s after all. But they also told me that they don’t do any full face of the above, and it was an error on their part, on the page, which is showing the full faced version, and are sending someone out tomorrow to pick them up. I have done a search on the net for the full faced silver Ty’s but the same page as above keeps appearing. I am in NO WAY making any claims about the reputation of this company, but just want to say to anyone, that if you are thinking of ordering the above item, DON’T DO as i did and put your faith in a picture and order straight from the net, but ring first and check that what you see is the right item. Verity Systems and i, have got it sorted now, so no complaints as far as customer service is concerned. And although they offered to exchange the items for something else, i opted for a refund, and they were fine about it.

Hope this is of help to someone.


Editing this post…I have just clicked on the above link, and they have indeed, in the last few minutes, altered the pic on the site to the half face dvd.


But this is a link to one of the searches on the net that refers to the item that WAS shown on their page as it was. http://www.buycentral.co.uk/qsh/taiyo+yuden.html?pgn=3&cid=609


At least if they’ve altered the pic, it would mean that your phonecall did some good, and people will be shown the correct item in stock :slight_smile:

Good news that their delivery time and customer service is OK though. I’d never heard of Verity Systems before you mentioned ordering from them. :slight_smile:


HI, Glad your back on line.

Yes it IS good that they have altered their page to show the right details, and they [U]were [/U] good after some confusion mainly on my part, but still searching for the discs i want :frowning: :sad: Never mind. I will get there eventually. If there’s 2 ways to do it, you can be sure i’ll pick the wrong one!!

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Getting back on topic, I’m sure if you post in here (with the thread title describing what you want), people will be glad to advise you on the best places to find your discs, there are lots of us from the UK in here. :slight_smile:


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Yeah… TY or any other, does not make full hub printable silver only the white face are.


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Though at that price I think I will stick with SVP they’re cheeper and better known, £58 for 100 with postage. There are no full face silver printable discs, only in white, as corvette says.


Thanks Dragemaster for your reply.

And thanx to you Corvette for your reply. I have been using Ritek GO5 full face silver printable :Z (sorry to anyone that rates Ritek) for all my collection, and they print great, with a slightly holographic effect after spraying them, but i can’t get them to play on all my dvd players especially my panny’s. Boy :doh: are they temperamental or what?? I know not every disc plays on every player of course, but the Ty’s will play on all mine. I’m not talking really shiny, like the mirror ones, the Ty’s i have seen are like the Riteks with a satiny milky sheen, if i am explaining it correctly to you. I don’t doubt your word for a minute, whatta i know, :doh: but i HAVE seen them and there was a pic of them on the site in my last post. So i was assuming that they do make them…somewhere…its just finding where??? But if i cant find any, i will have to go with the white face Ty’s and i will apologise to you for being right all along.

Thanx Mills :flower:


You mean these: http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=771

Looking at the pic they don’t look silver to the full the centre looks more clear frosted.


I love SVP too, and i am going to email them to see if i can get any. When you say there are no full face silver printable discs do you mean of the Ty brand? or none at all, cos why would this other firm have a pic of them on their site, if you cant get them? Unless we’re being scammed of course! Alledgedly. :bigsmile: :sad:



Panny (picky, most of the time) and Ritek - baaaaaaaad combination, as you’ve found out!

SVP are great at emails, I’d email them :slight_smile:


If you look closely the center is frosted, the silver part of the silver printable is the reflective layer of the discs and this does not extend into the hub of the discs. It is the frosted/etched top layer that makes them printable.


Nooooo I mean Ritek. Lets see if i can find a link…hah… here we are, found one…http://www.whitedog.co.uk/catalog/ritek-silver-full-face-printable-dvdr/p-958.html

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When you say there are no full face silver printable discs do you mean of the Ty brand?

TY only makes non full hub silver printables and makes full white hub printable. Here is a scan I just made with the silver hub, why would you want anything else?

Burn speed: 8X
Brand: +R 8X TY ink jet printable silver hub
Store: Rima

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Perhaps Milly cares more about “scans” of the reverse side of the disc! :slight_smile:


Hehehehehe :bigsmile:…for now. Remember, quality scanning is contagious :wink:


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