Taiyo Yuden available in New Zealand!

So I set out today to find if there is any Taiyo Yuden media available in retails stores. It has been very difficult to get ahold of…up until now. After visiting a few places, I though i’d take a break and go into Farmers to look at all the shiny new electronics, when I noticed some sony 8X +R 50pk spindles that looked a bit different. I couldn’t find any info on them saying where they were made because some red sticker had been taped accross the outside. Apparantly they were not to be sold but were for some sort of promotion, but then Sony NZ changed their minds. Anyway, I managed to persuade the dude behind the counter to peel off the sticker… MADE IN JAPAN. :bigsmile:

So, this is what the cakebox looks like:

And here is the first scan. Burned at rated 8X, scanned at 4X, Lite-On SOHW-1693S.
While not overly impressive; PIE spikes above 20, PIF spikes above 2, I think this is still a very good burn on a writer that doesn’t produce top shelf burns.

Will do another scan when my LG H10N arrives.

A photo of the cakebox + packaging would be nice. :smiley:
There’s almost no more 8x Sony available here in my area. 16x media is very very widespread though. :frowning:
I’m sure your H10N will luv this media :wink:

I don’t have a digicam, kg… but I have provided a link in the first post to an identical cakebox i found on google images.

On a side note, have you or anyone for that matter had any experience with Spin-X CD-R’s? I believe they’re a subsidary of Imation, so i imagine they’re made by CMC (All Imation CD and DVDs i’ve used have been CMC). The reason I ask, is that they’re so cheap, $8 for 25pk shipped… nothing else comes close for that price in NZ. I’ve had great results with Imation CD-R’s in the past, so might give these a try.

mmm still buzzing about these TY’s, christmas has definitely come early :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen Spin-X, but I believe it is the B-grade brand of Imation (http://www.amazon.com/Spin-X-80-Minute-CD-R-Spindle-Discs/dp/B00006SC9C). You may have luck with them, but I’m not sure.
CMC make good media, but they also make real stinkers. :frowning:

Still, even if it’s very improbable here, I’ll have to watch the local shelves for Sony TY. :smiley:

Farmers is a major general retail franchise in New Zealand and these 50 cakeboxes aren’t cheap, $49.95. Though that is a similar price to what the MCC MIT Verbatim stuff is.
I’ll give those Spin-X a chance, it’s only pocket change really :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy them up while you can. We never got Sony TY discs here is Oz, only ever Sony MID.
The only way we got Yuden T02’s was through Fuji. And they only came on the scene for a short time. Lucky I got 500 of them very cheap ($12.95 AUD for 25 pack).

www.blankcd.co.nz has real Taiyo Yudens.

Not sure I would use this company. They are trying to pass off Infosmart MIHK fakes as MCC.

I have always found them very good to deal with.

The dude who runs it also sells stuff on trademe. I’ve bought TY 8X -R’s from him in the past, they’re alright, just expensive. Most of his other media, the cheap stuff is MIHK garbage. I’ve asked questions about it in the past and he readily admits it’s fake, that’s why some of the product lines now say not real <insert media code here>. Still, most people think they’re getting a bargain buying that crap… SATA/GMIT/Excel… wouldn’t like to be them when they’re trying to use the discs a few months after burning. Shady to say the least.

Harvey Norman also sell this. Or at least they did.

I also found Panasonic-branded DVD-R 16x spindles in Christchurch, there are quite a few - but they are $79.95 IIRC so rather expensive D:

Noel Leeming and Bond’n’Bond sometimes sell Fujifilm-branded 5piece w/ Fullsize Jewel Case media for $6.99 Made In Japan Yuden T02 and TYG02 (iirc). Ugly purple media but nice case art… Burns well, my LiteON doesnt like the T02 much but that’s the drive’s firmware fault - it has never liked TY +R’s. VERY cheap if you want jewel cased media - $1.30 per disc+case AND it’s REAL TY!

Never thought to check farmers!

Perhaps you’ve found them very good to deal with because you are (or claim to be) the owner of blankcd.co.nz as is stated in this thread:
http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1462472#post1462472 :o

That should read “…owner of blankcd.co.nz