Taiyo Yuden at EBAY

Does anyone have bought this DVD-R with light scracth?
What about? Are they really good?

Could you provide a link, please?

Do you mean DVD-R with scratches on the recording surface :confused:

If yes, I would stay away from them. Your DVDs will get enough scratches
when in daily use :wink:

Andy :smiley:


it´s a good price…

As I’m a DVD+R fan :iagree: I can’t say much about the price
of these DVD-R discs. But the price seems to be OK :slight_smile:

About the scratches…:confused:
I would not buy scratched media.
But you decide;)

Andy :smiley:

I would not buy scratched media.

I second that, but I wouldn’t buy media on Ebay anyway.