Taiyo Yuden at Best Buy

I’m looking to get some dvd+r’s but can’t wait for an online order. Is it possible to get some made by Taiyo Yuden at best buy?

Read the Taiyo Yuden FAQ.
Fuji, Sony, TDK might have TY media.

You are out of luck, most of what you’ll find there are CMC, Ritek and Prodisc…

Your best bet is to get them online.

That sucks, thanks for the info.

Check for Sony 8x DVD+R 50 packs. If they are Made in Japan, they are TY. I get them all the time. Fuji MIJ are also TY, but I’ve gotten better burns from Sony.

Not always. Look at the spacer.
Some media is SONY D11.

The last 2 50 packs of Sony MIJ, both + and - that I bought were TY’s. Try Staples or Best Buy. Look for MIJ and the rounded top edge of the cakebox.

thanks alot folks

Hey…try FRY’s. They have closeout 30 packs of Fuji TY’s for $8.99.

None of the MIJ 8X DVD+Rs, in North America, in recent memory, have been SONYD11.

The Fuji 8x DVD+Rs (25 and 50 spindles) were TY media when I bought some at Best Buy several months ago, same as at Frys. However nowadays I woudl recommend instead the Verbatim 16x DVD+R available at Best Buy, it goes on sale every so often - I nabbed them for halff-price a while ago there.

What are the Verb 16X +Rs? TYG03? They’re $15 at Best Buy this week.

That would be impossible as the TYG03 are DVD-R media, not DVD+R.

So far there have been no reports of Verbatim using Taiyo Yuden for their 16x DVD+/-R media in North America, but it has happened here in Europe for both the 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) and 16x DVD-R (TYG03) media.

The Verbatim 16x DVD+R media should be MCC 004.

Beg to differ, but I have a 50 pack of Sony D11’s that I bought a couple of months ago. They are very good, by the way.

Too bad they don’t have a Fry’s in New Jersey, and if I mail order them I know they will send me MIT Fujis.

Honestly it wouldn’t be much cheaper (after factoring in shipping costs) than getting the 100 packs of 8x TY from www.rima.com.

SONYD11, made in Japan? If that’s true… well than I guess I was wrong. :o