Taiyo Yuden, a view from Japan



Here’s a website (in Japanese) testing CD-R media by a Japanese CD freak :smiley:


Interestingly, the most respectable Taiyo Yuden (“太陽誘電” is the Japanese name) did not gain good durability results – the tests shows under 14 different TY discs after one year, 6 of them does not degenerate, 2 of them somewhat degenerate, and the rest 6 significantly degenerate.

By the way, two TDK brand discs OEM under TY, both got significant degeneracy rating, whereas two SONY discs, both OEM under TY, got non-degeneracy rating.

I guess this may imply either the test was too strict, or TY does sometimes make disappointing stuff?

P.S. I guess the experiment is under humid Japanese weather :eek:


so…to cut to the chase - what’s the alternative ?

and here’s the google english translation;


[yeah and the TY under google translation reads “Solar induced electricity”]

I want to decide a brand to go with long term data storage purpose. Having read that Phthalocyanine discs (gold or silver back) provide the best durability and Azo claimes a similar thing. In Canada I can get Verbatim Azo (“Datalifeplus”) and TY (via Fujifilm) discs. Verbatim slightly more expensive. I am currently with the Azo discs anyway.


And the Maxell discs tested are also “Induced electricity” (LOL) manufactured, i.e. Taiyo Yuden manufactured, and most show no degradation AT ALL, while 2 show important degradation… what the…?

I would take this “study” with a grain of salt.


Looks like Maxell and Mitsubishi Chemicals (三菱化学 - the Asian name for Mitsubishi is based on the logo: 3 diamonds) won.

And don’t take the translation too literally. :wink: An more Westernized translation would be something along the lines Sun Electronics (makes me wonder how other countries would translate our Sun Microsystems ;)), noting that the sun is quite a figure in the country of the Rising Sun.


“Taiyo” is the Japanese word for Sun.


Damn. I thought from the title of this thread we were going to get an online tour of a TY factory or something. Or a view of Japan from a’top a TY building. :wink:



I don’t think you would get a good view from 1 story up.