Taiyo Yuden (8x)



I hope I have made the right choice,Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printables DVD-R are these the best dvd around?

Bought from SVP £40 a pop: (for 100)


mmmmmmmmmmm… the +r’s are better… but still a good choice :clap:


They’re very good discs - don’t be worried


PHEW! Thanks. :slight_smile:

I might be able to change for +, i dont do any messing with bit setting etc will I be ok with - for sure? :confused:


Use -R if you are not sure about bit setting and if the set top devices you have access to actually work with it. +Rs are no better, and before anyone says better compatability when set to -ROM I have yet to see this in the 30 odd devices I have access to yet -Rs work in them all. It works for some but not for everyone therefore using it as a blanket statement is incorrect.


… yeah… i should have said that i meant they are my preferred media… what burners have you got photoshop?


A good choice then,
I use 4 drives an Nec 3500 a 3540, and a 2 Pioneers a 111 and a 109, the posh one with the silver metal bezel, I hope the TYs will be good in all :slight_smile:


Both are the supreme discs available. You shouldn’t experience anything unexpected unless you have a really bad writer. Even then all should be perfect. No reason to worry with TY printable 8x discs. + or - nevermind :wink:


I’ve always taken the statement about bitsetting +r’s for compatability to mean that it makes the +r’s more compatable with some set-top players, NOT that it somehow makes them more compatable than -r.

Do you mean that +r set to -rom is no more compatable than regular +r bit-type? If it works in some peoples experience though, bitsetting to -rom (if available) isn’t going to do any harm is it?

I guess you are objecting to it being made as a blanket statement on general principles, but most people that suggest it say that it MAY improve compatability of +r on certain players, not that it WILL for sure!



All these burners seem to prefer -R media - especially TYG02-

I would say that you are good to go-eh!



Thanks all. :bigsmile:


My TY`s Arrived today, They are fantastic :bigsmile: They are perfect even in my Vaio lappy (very picky drive) in fact they are the only ones that burn perfectly in my lappy, even Verbs had playback problems, so I am well pleased.

Just one question, I bought 100 TYs they were just wrapped in celophane, no spindle or cake tin, are they A Grade? I bought from SVP, its just spending £40 on dics`s I would have thought the packing would have been better, seem to packed like b grade product,

any comments? :slight_smile:


The discs are fine, not B-grade or anything like that. It’s just how the unbranded ones are packed. :slight_smile:


They are indeed A-grade discs


yeah… that is annoying… luckily when i bough mine i had a 100 cd spindle laying around…


They are sold as refils for 100 disc spindles. I have seen 50 discs lots in the same type of packaging. They are TY pure and simple, SVP have too good a rep to risk it with such a thing.


Thanks guys, that will do me, just thought I would ask :slight_smile: