Taiyo Yuden (8x) Unbranded DVD-R in Heavy Duty Spindle Tubs of 100 from SVP.co.uk?


I’m thinking about buying a LOT of these:
http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk/acatalog/dvd-rnoprint.html (SVP.co.uk)

{DV 3138} Taiyo Yuden (8x) Unbranded DVD-R in Heavy Duty Spindle Tubs of 100
The Taiyo Yuden discs sold by SVP are genuine Taiyo Yuden bought from an official Taiyo Yuden distributor.
Please note that there are many vendors selling discs with a TY media code that are not genuine Taiyo Yuden discs.

SVP Price: £38.99 / Euro 58.06. Prices include VAT.

I’m fed up hearing about rubbish media, so thought I would go for the good stuff. At least I think this is the good stuff? Has anyone bought any from here? Can I be 100% sure they are being trueful and these ARE the OFFICIAL ones? Is there any way to be sure? Also, is that a good price?

Would be interested to hear from anyone who has purchased these discs, especially if from SVP.

Sorry if this is a repeat thread about these, I did do a search and couldn’t find anything about these from SVP particularly.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

real ty’s +r are better

The TY discs sold at SVP are legitimate, good price too if you don’t require cases. Only downside of those particular TY discs is the slight non-attractiveness of the unbranded surface :slight_smile:

       The only other easily available alternatives are the more expensive printables or the Verbatim Pastel discs sold at SVP or the Fuji +R discs available at aprmedia.

Thanks for the replies.

By “non-attractiveness of the unbranded surface” what do you mean? Are they just plain silver or something? I’m not too worried at that tbh as I put them all in CD wallets anyway.

silver tops

Thats not too bad then?!?

Personally, for me not, i had this shiny silver ones a longer time, no problems with them.
Like a guy above said, be sure these are real genuine unbranded TY media

How can I do that though until I buy them and check for that code? :confused:

“The TY discs sold at SVP are legitimate” sounds good to me… :wink:

These ones should have the GG/GG serials on the inner ring of the disc.
MID should be TYG02, with Dvdidentifier you could check the media

I guess I’ve just gotta hope they have then! :frowning:

Has anyone actually bought some of these? TL0 sounded like he had or knew…

I bought the Plus ones. They were ok but didn’t burn as well as my MCC03’s or MCC04’s. I don’t think they’re worth the money.

Hmmm I guess “perfect” media doesn’t exist for everyone… :frowning:

I don’t understand really there is tons of people on here saying how amazingly good TY’s are and that they are the best !

I bought the DataWrite 4x Plus discs which are Ricohjpn R01 and are 50 for about £8.

Much better value but the scans are only slightly worse than a TY02.

So it’s just that the quality of the TY are better… hmm, well I guess over a longer period of time the TY’s may last longer too.

Certainly when I bought TDK’s a while back they “feel” like excellent quality and work very very well. (Not sure of media code)

Hi :slight_smile:
For better price & better looking ( branded ) try ( & they’re + )


Even with next del: still cheaper

They official TY???

Hi :slight_smile:
All the ones I’ve recieved have been 100% bona fida

Is there really any difference between +R and -R ?

I’ve never been sure about that !?!

yes theyre real ty discs (bought some from apr myself)

Go with what your writer prefers.

What writer you going to be using?