Taiyo Yuden 8x -r (TYG02),100@ $35.99 free shipping

Taiyo Yuden 8x @Supermediastore $35.99 for 100 with free shipping :clap: http://www.supermediastore.com/taiyo-yuden-silver-thermal-8x-dvd-r-media-100.html

Not bad. Supermediastore is a decent store but I would gladly pay the extra $1-$1.50 (shipping included) to get them from www.rima.com.

Agreed, with buying from Rima, but I wonder why they never have these deals on the +8x media (Yuden000-T02-000)?




case closed! (value packaging/same disks)

Supply and demand. More people want the +R so they never had to lower the price. My favorite bargain for these, Burnmaster, is still alive though.

I’ve never bought from Supermediastore so I won’t comment, but I have bought from Rima and always had a good experience with the transaction as well as the quality.

Found this interesting thread about Supermediastore, it appears that Supermediastore, Meritline and CDRDVDRMEDIA are all owned by one large company named Comptreencn.

I’m not passing judgement on any of the 3 stores, merely providing information.

Actually more people want -R. They sell more, cost per unit is less, therefore the price is lower. Simple economics.

I have bought many times from supermedia and meritline. I have always received exactly what I ordered. The one time I received some damaged cases from Meritline (manufacturer’s fault, not theirs) they payed for return and replacement shipping with no question. I also have had extremely good results with Allmediaoutlet.com.

Problems from the past seem to be in the past.

For me at least, CA, Rima 100 TY02 is 31.99 + 4.13 (ground shipping) = $36.12. (Everyday price, not on sale)

For an extra 13 cents, i’ll go with Rima.

200 of the same(say 4x, but only have 8x) are 58$ from supermedia,

500 no coasters or any than scanned less than 95, except 16x test burns


I still have 200 left of the 300 ‘value’ TYG02’s I bought from www.shop4tech.com and have yet to throw a coaster-

I think that they are pretty good stuff-


Yes some lucky peeps have ordered 4x TY and gotten 8x TY. Knowing my rotten luck, I’d probably actually get what i paid for…4x TY.

THusly, for and extra 14 bucks on 200 TY, I will play it safe and shop Rima for their premium TY02’s…

You are comparing apples and oranges man. That is 4x value TY in shrinkwrap versus 8x Premium TY in cakeboxes. Don’t get me wrong the value line are a great way to go if you are looking for good quality media on a budget but they do seem to have just a few more reports of errors and bad batches and there is a bunch of variation in write speeds since you can get 4x, 8x or 16x TY in the value line. Honestly that is the reason why I spend extra and get the 8x Premium from rima.com. Whenever I order the 8x Premium stuff from rima I always know I can expect prompt processing and quick shipping of these 8x discs, which burn just fine at 12x on my Pioneer 109 or I can order the value line and play russian roulette with what speed my discs are. The last time I ordered I ended up with 4x discs. Good discs but the extra writing time got to be a bit annoying. Once again, the value line are good discs BUT DON’T EVER call them the exact same thing that rima.com sells.

No apples, no oranges, I have ordered 3 batches of 200 each. The first batch of 200
came shrink wrapped and were 4x TYG01’s, after much testing I decided this was as good as it gets, my scans were superb and consistent, at burn speeds up to 8-12X.
The second batch came and later I noticed they were TYG02’s, but the 99 scans
were few and far between, lot’s of 97’s and 98’s. I then hit a great deal of 200 in spindles of TYG03, they seem slightly better than the batch of TYG02’s but still not as good as the original TYG01’s. MY LG was my only burner that wouldn’t overspeed the TYG01’s.

Shipment was always that day or next, cross country in time or early,
excellent packaging, protection, and I didn’t have to play russian roulette
with how much shipping was.

I was always disappointed with TYG02s at 8X no matter which burner I tried. For those who don’y know, I am very critical. I have found, however, that the 4163 can turn out some very good burns on TYG02 when burned at 4X. It takes longer, but when I want a real archieve, it is very solid.

See scan below.

I’ll have to try that @ 4x again, matter of fact most of my early 99’s were at 4x
on the tyg01’s. Chasing chas’s perfect scan!

One thing I forgot to mention, the best firmware for the TYG02 is A103, at least on my drive. I tested all the newer versions and A103 still wins.

Not all burners will burn the 4x discs with excellent results at 8-12x. You still can’t really compare the value line with the premium stuff IMHO. With value line you never know what you are going to get, with the premium stuff you always get what you order. Different burners and firmware combos burn the various TY differently so for some it is a real issue and if you have an older burner you could really be SOL if you order the value line and end up with the 16x TYG03. Once again not bad media, it is great media for the money but you cannot compare them with the premium stuff as if they were no different.

From what I can see, TY just changed the mid code when they brought out the
G02’s and ramped production up, still keeping a better consistency than Verbatim.
Looking at the G02 value and the premium G03 under a bright light I can’t tell any difference.

The only thing wrong with this theory, if I read you right you are saying TYG02 is the same as TYG03, is that TYG03 does not burn well at 8X or 4X as has been reported by a number of posters. If it is the same, TYG03 should be at its best on my 4163 at 4X.

Besides, I have too much faith in TY.