Taiyo Yuden 8X +R experiences

I use TY01 4X +R discs for just about everything and every drive I own is compatible with them. I have a project at hand and need a large quantity of media very soon. Unfortunately, my normal suppliers (Rima and Acca :)) are out of stock. I have considered paying a bit more and getting the printable disks, but then realized that I could get 8X TY02s for a similar price.

Do the TY02s have the same compatibility characteristics as their little brother? Any experiences using these disks are appreciated. Thanks for any input. Switching suppliers/media has me quite nervous.


Where did you find your TY02s?

Anybody know where I can get some of these?

Can you post a link or complete media code ?

Most of the places I’ve found selling YUDEN000-T02-00 (8x TY DVD+R) in spindles force you to buy at least 100:

Here’s one that doesn’t however:

Plextor sells them in 5 packs, but for $3/disc :Z

Two Degrees,

Thank you much for the reply.

Yes, I’ve come across those sites. I was looking for others that may be a bit less expensive and don’t force you to buy 100 like you stated.

Thanks again,