Taiyo Yuden 8x -R; $35.00



Meritline has this deal. TYG02 for 35.00 plus shipping. Anyone bought TY’s from meritline before? Any input would be great.

I ordered some other stuff last week and received my package 2 days later.



There has been many a post about Meritline and fake Tys. Only a 6 dollar difference between Rima and Meritline, my opinion is I wouldn’t take the chance for 6 bucks.


The “fake” TYs from Meritline are a completely different listing: http://www.meritline.com/high-quality-8x-dvd-r-blank-media-shiny-tyg021.html

They make no claims about being genuine TY discs. Whereas, the link cbboy777 listed does, and what is more the product number for it, DVD-R47ZZSB8, is used at several other sites for TY discs.


Ya, I bought a 50 pack of TY inkjet printable +R media from Meritline a while back, and they were the real thing. I just bought another 50 pack from them.

I would have shopped Rima for price comparison, but they don’t offer the same TY inkjet printables in a 50 pack. They only sell them in 100, or more, packs and I just don’t have the cash right now.

I think you are safe as long as they display the TY symbol.


Meh, I would pay the extra money just to have the peice of mind of dealing with rima vs. meritline. Compare the ratings: www.resellerratings.com


when Meritline says Genuine TY then they are genuine. Only use sellerrating website only you never heard of the online retailer. But Meritline is a well known online media shop. Paying extra because of higher selling rating is paranoia since meritline is a big only shop themselves.


Really? There are almost 200 reviews written on the reseller ratings site for meritline and only 55% of the ratings for meritline are satisfactory. Rima.com on the other hand has a virtually flawless feedback. You telling me it is worth getting dicked over for a whopping $6? That and meritline usually hoses you on shipping charges so I’m sure it is more like a $4 to $5 savings after factoring in shipping costs. You are right that meritline is a well known online media shop, but they certainly aren’t known for their reputation in customer service. They are known for their high volume in sales and relatively reasonable prices, nothing more. EDIT Yup, just checked. $42.21 shipped from meritline after entering in the coupon code and ground shipping. $45.07 shipped from rima.com after ground shipping. Hardly worth the gamble to me for less than $3 difference.


I couldn’t agree more, just the disapointment and aggravation when you open the parcel isn’t worth the money. If they were 10 bucks for a 100 maybe I would take achance but to save 5 dollars, no way. Rima is 100% reliable, why go anyplace else?


Actually the difference is less than $3 since rima.com just dropped the price on their discs by $1 and the fact that meritline rapes you on shipping charges.


yes, and Meritline doesn’t apologize for its high shipping by UPS. They’ll give you something like “all we can say is sorry, since UPS is a very reliable shipper.” Just the stuff I read at resellerratings on their customer service was quite bad for the cases where they got a negative rating. What’s more, they told people to ‘email them’ for what was assumed to be a possible resolution. If you’re a top-of-the-line retailer, you’ll leave all responses out there for all to see, because you’ll have nothing to be ashamed of, since you’ll be in the business of handling it right the first time. When I looked up their reviews on Bizrate, there was a lot of general commentary, with little that was specific. It seemed very ‘inflated’ to me–as if people from their own company wrote them (because those responses were largely of the same poor English grammar and constructions as messages from Meritline have been).


You guys/gals are right. I only deal with Rima and Supermediastore. More often Rima since Supermediastore tries to comp themselves with high shipping as well. A few bucks is not worth the headache!!!


No kidding. If I live less than 1K miles away from them and they are ripping me off, I can only imagine what they charge for you and your penguin buddies down in Antarctica. :wink: