Taiyo Yuden 8X +R 200 Pack 79.99 w/free shipping

Taiyo Yuden Silver Thermal 8X DVD+R Media 200 Pack in Cake Box (Four 50-Pack) is 79.99 with Free Ground Shipping.


Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media Silver Thermal Lacquer 200 Pack in Cake Box Spindle (Four 50-Pack) is 69.99 with Free Ground Shipping

The Taiyo Yuden 8X +R is really my favorite media, and I do have a LOT of different media here. The price is good, too. Not the best price I have ever seen on this media, but good.


Good prices - especially considering that it includes shipping - which from SuperMediaStore - has been high-


Eh Mike: How ya doing. I am going to wait for the release of the Yuden000-T03-000 16x + media from Taiyo Yuden. I already have plenty of T02 and Verb MCC003 and MCC004. I think they will release it soon. I know Plextor will be selling it for their new 760A.

If this were inkjet printable +r’s, I would be all over this deal. Still a pretty darn good price…

Me too! I’m just about out of T02 printable’s :slight_smile:

Just received 200 and burned my first on PIONEER 110. I’ve bought TYG02 from supermedia.com with good results but wanted to try +R. I’m happy so far:

Sweet. My Sony branded TY-T02 have been averaging about 50 pif total using BENQ 1640, 12x, WOPC off and SOHW 1693S at 4x to scan. :clap: