Taiyo Yuden 8x -R - 100 Pack Of 'Value' Discs - $14.99 - AR


Found this over in the ‘Blank Media’ forum-

Cheapest price I have ever seen for Taiyo Yuden anything-eh!

Happy Burnin’


Doh…mail in rebate…doh you could get TY03.

EDIT Nevermind. Found the direct link to them:


Thanks for the tip. $8.89 shipping to NJ; total is about $24 AR, so a little better than the shop4tech current price ($29/100 - 10% coupon, no rebate, free shipping).

Huh? It says free ground shipping. EDIT Those dirty dogs. Quick someone sue them for false advertising. Says free shipping in the discription but they charge you when you go to check out. $7.61 shipping for me. Still not a bad deal AR but certainly not anywhere near the $15 for a 100 deal that it claims to be.

While they have denied it, I find supermediastore looks suspiciously similar to Meritline. They both have almost identical bad scores at resellerratings. And they both play games with shipping to try and fake out the unsuspecting.

I have no problems buy things from superstore, I received the item either next day or a day later if I place my order before 12 pm. I purchased all my TY/Verbatim Inkjet printable media from them.

Neither have I, but that’s just misleading to have free shipping listed in the description and then to charge their usual over-inflated shipping rates. A bit underhanded IMHO.