Taiyo Yuden @ 8x not working ? =(

I have the NEC 2500a flashed with the dangerous brother’s 1.06 firmware. I just received a 50 pack of Taiyo Yuden 4x dvd-r media. The media id is tyg01. I’ve tried burning a 4gig size iso at 8x on both nero and recordnow max. When i use dvdinfopro to read the disc back, it detects massive errors on both discs at virtually the same spot. On one of the discs I can actually see a ring which is a little darker. However, when i burn at 6x, dvdinfopro detects no errors. I have dma enabled and the drive is on its own ide channel. Can my drive be defective?

The 2500A is not the best reader, although I have never heard of it having issues reading TY.
Run a Nero DVDSpeed test on the 8x burnt disc and post the graph here so we can have a look.

Try using dvddecryptor to see your real time burn speed, why nero doesnt offer this feature is beyond me:rolleyes:

Sorry…I’m at work so I don’t have a chance to do a speed test on the 8x burnt taiyo yudens, but here’s an update. I mentioned that the first 2 dvd’s I burnt at 8x had massive errors with dvdinfopro. I burnt 3 more dvd’s at 8x. Two of them had no errors detected with dvdinfo pro, but there were massive errors detected on the last one near the middle of the disc. I tried to play back the last one on my ps2 out of curiousity and it booted and play fine but I didn’t really play it for too long. What do you guys think? I also noticed that when burning at 8x with Nero the buffer would drop to like 7 percent for maybe half a second (unless it was my imagination). Then it would continue in the high 90’s. DMA mode is enabled and it is on it’s own ide channel as the primary device. I have an intel 845 motherboard. Also note that it did the same thing with the buffer on the two 8x burnt dvd’s that have no read errors so i’m at a loss.

noticed that when burning at 8x with Nero the buffer would drop to like 7 percent for maybe half a second

That occurs twice when the burn speed shifts from 4x to 6x to 8x.
Your experince with TY is certainly not normal. I would point out the playing the discs all the way through is the best test, DVDInfo has been known to return errors where none exist, likewise for Nero verify. This is likely often due to IDE issues that interrupt the data stream. Unfortunately, short of a PI/PO scan, there’s no way to really confirm burn quality, but a visual inspection of the burned surface might reveal problems, as you have seen. However, the different burn speeds used can and do create those rings too.
Best suggestion is to try a different batch of TY and see if the problem persists, if so then the burner is suspect. Are you sure that your media comes from a reliable source?

Spydc, you know anyone with a Liteon drive that you can run a Kprobe scan on the disc with?

I bought the 50 pack from Rima.com. The media id is tyg01. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone with a lite-on dvd drive, but I might get one myself as i know that the nec is a poor reader. I bought the nec 2500a drive from newegg on the 11th of March… I have to admit at first i was thinking of returning the nec for a pioneer 107… i’ll burn a few more ty’s @ 8x and see what happens.

Spydc- have you successfully burnt at 8x before with any media?

I normally burnt at 4x because the media I was previously using supported a max speed of 4x. I was using the ritek g04’s.
This is the first time I’m burning at 8x. I’ve burnt 5 tyg01’s at 8x and 3 of them have read errors with dvdinfo pro and two of them have no errors with dvdinfo pro, but they all burn successfully. Two reasons that make me want to hang on to the nec is the bitsetting feature and the possibility of a dual layer firmware upgrade.

If your 2500 has trouble burning TY, then it’s a bad drive and should be replaced. But I wouldn’t base that decision on results from DVDInfo. TY + or - , burned at any speed in the 2500, should be flawless.
Run the questionable discs in CDSpeed transfer rate test, you should see a flat curve and no slow-down, even in the 2500. If not, then it’s either bad media or a bad drive.

Consult the DVD test forum for scans of TY burned in a 2500.

Very strange indeed, I’ve been using nothing but Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s @ 8x ever since I got my 2500A and never burnt a single coaster. I use AnyDVD along side CloneDVD to rip and transcode then the latest version Nero Express to burn. I’ve scanned all my backups using DVDInfoPro and never an error. Good Luck!!

Now you got me a little worried… Could it be a pc configuration problem? Everything is set up properly to my knowledge and I have windows xp with no background programs running. I just hate the fact of returning something and waiting to get a replacement. JJRJRM143, what firmware do you have?

It could be possible you recieved defective media? Could have been damaged by heat or moisture-- not very likely, but possible.

Also, what kind of system spec’s you got? Shouldn’t matter to much unless you have an old computer…

I have a p4 2ghz on a intel i845 motherboard with 768mb of ram and 200GB Maxtor 7200rpm hd.

Well it’s not your computer then. Do what rdgrimes suggested, try CDSpeed and if it still shows problems, maybe try different media …I wouldn’t jump to thinking your drive is bad until you are sure IT is having problems at 8x.

Well thanks all for your help. I will see how it goes. I still have time to return the drive for a refund or an exchange… and I know you guys have a biased opinion, but let’s say cost was not a factor, is the pioneer 107d a better drive to get at this point?

I don’t think I am biased- I haven’t even received mine yet… it comes today at 5pm.

From what I’ve seen- the NEC is the best out there right now. It has the best write qualities, 8x -R and 4x RW, (which the Pioneer also does), and we have someone working on firmware to support more media.

Writing quality is what matters in the end, right?

I’m not biased. (meaning that I have no brand loyalty).
I just look at the facts/ results :bigsmile:
The 2500A has the best writing quality out of all the current dual format writers.
See here:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=90280

Originally posted by wesociety
The 2500A has the best writing quality out of all the current dual format writers.

I also bought it due to its writing quality but I have found out the hard way that it has the worst media compatibility and manufacturer support of 8x drives. I am really starting to regret buying this drive now. It has not had a single official firmware update since its release (the 2 different versions of the 1.06 don’t really count as they dont add more media compatibilty or anything like that). In future, I will be buying Pioneer… may be a bit more expensive but their support is 10x better than NEC.

Looking at past history of drive support/firmware updates, NEC is actually better.
See OC-Freaks post here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=91359&perpage=25&pagenumber=2