Taiyo Yuden 8x Media (SVP)

Has anyone bought the <a href=“http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk/acatalog/FOR_DVD_R_RW_CLICK_HERE.html#a987” target="_blank">Taiyo Yuden (8x) Printable DVD-R</a> media from SVP and managed to burn it at 12x or even 16x.

I’ve heard and seen the printouts for this media which suggests it can. But i’m finding it hard to part with £70 - is it worth it?!

I am insterested too in a feedback on this media. (used printable TY G02 from Lynxdv)

Another source with smaller packaging : www.os-mediatrade.de

If you are looking for TY 8x DVD+R media in Europe (albeit not printable), check out this thread I posted in the media forum. That’s the lowest price for genuine TY DVD media in Europe I have seen so far.

I have burned some Taiyo Yuden -R 8X, but not the printable versions.
They were Plextors DVD-R 8X and burn max at 12X with the stock 2.16 fw.

Here’s a 8X burn:

And here a 12X burn:

What drive did you burn them with?

ND-3500AG going by the firmware, the 12X burn is not very good :frowning:

TY DVD-R 8x @ €7,70/25pcs

Has someone already ordered this? Are they real or fake?

If it’s real, it’s by far the cheapest TY I’ve ever seen! But I thought TY G02 was +R media, not -R ???


I mixed up some things I read, G02 is -R, not +R

Someone knows what’s the fastest reliable write speed for real TY G02 on a 3500A and with which firmware version?

They are fake. Datawrite does not label real TY media. Be aware, a lot of fake TY media is being sold with this particular MID (TYG02) these days.

Thanks for clearing this. They still seem to be usable at 8x, however. I don’t know the quality of the burns, since I’ve not been able to test them. I have some Datawrite Red V3 (4x-R) and at 4x, they’re good enough. My former 2510 allowed me to burn them at 8x, but readability was considerably worse, then.

With Liggy’s beta 5 they’ll burn at 16x. This has been reduced in later revisions to 12x. Will do a test burn and post results later.

TYG02 Printable from SVP @16x with Liggy’s beta5.