Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media good for NEC 3500?


Silver Thermal as well. I’m interested in picking these up but since I’m new with the 3500AG just wondering how well these will burn? Using Liggy & Dee’s Version 2 Beta 2 Firmware now. At that price they aren’t much more expensive then other 100 pack decent quality DVD+R’s and I’m just looking for something that is going to have superb playback quality.

Thanks for any help you guys can give. :slight_smile:

They seem to be good:


I am using the white printable version of the 8x TY +R media. These burn fine at 16x in my NEC 3500.

I have reverted to Liggy’s 2.18 firmware (with bit-setting & riplock removed) - mainly due to the official 2.18 firmware’s ability to burn 8x SONY08D1 at 16x, and half the price of TY.

I got 50 of these from rima.com a while back and never had a single problem with them. They’re perfect in my opinion and well worth it for the price!


This is a 8x Yuden T02 burned at 16x on NEC3500. :slight_smile:

You tell me. :bow:

Fantastic scan, Fandim! :smiley: I’ll have to order them at a later date. I need media pretty badly right now but money is a bit on the tight side so I’ll have to wait until next batch to order the TY’s. For the time being I went with 100 of the Dupsonic 8x DVD-R’s from newegg since the 4x Vanguard’s do so wonderfully. I’ll have to post up scans of those Dupsonic’s once I get them next week. :slight_smile:

Just let us know if you can still read them in six months after you burn them?

They burn absolutely fantastically on my ND-3500AG.

senator maximus. I have gotten my nec 3500 oem drive today.
from where can I get official NEC Firmwares?
Are the firmware available here official? like they say. :bigsmile:

The official NEC firmware is downloadable from the official NEC site.

Any other firmware (liggy’s, herrie’s, dee’s, etc.) is not official and will void your warranty, even if you flash an official firmware back onto the drive.

But my drive is OEM and right now nec has 2.18 version. its an upgrade.
how can i flash with that unless I had previous original version already installed?

JimmyP. Just use it as is for now untill you KNOW that everything is working fine. Like I said for your purposes you may not need to mess with your firmware. What OEM did you buy?