Taiyo Yuden 8x 4.7GB Printable DVD-R

I found these cds, at www.canadacomputers.com for super cheap, I am guessing they are fakes, as they are too cheap.
Taiyo Yuden 8x 4.7GB Printable DVD-R Spindle 100-pack $32.00CDN

I would be awful careful as the cheapest real TY I can get in Canada so far is $34.00 for 50, TYG02 and about $39.00 for 50 Fujifilm DVD+R 8x YUDEN000 T02. They say no picture available which raises my suspicions even more. Always look for “MADE IN JAPAN” as well. :wink:

Where can you get the 50 Fujifilm in Canada.

Best But has them for $45 CDN (they were $40 last time I looked :Z) . They go on sale at $25 occasionally. Most of the DVD+R, in my experience are mostly japan-made.

You can get a spindle(100’s) of genuine 4x DVD-r TY from NCIX.com for about $42CDN with their weekly special. You are guaranteed TGY01’s, but may get TGY02’s instead. I ordered a spindle and got TGY02’s.

Blankmedia.ca also sells them. While I think it’s great deal if you get TYG01, you cannot really compare the “value” TYG02 because they’re not quite the quality of the “premium” grade. They’re probably the discs made near the end of the life of the stamper.

Personally, I don’t buy them for 2 reasons: the shiny silver tops (can’t stand them) and because shipping kills the deal for me.


I visited Canada Computer yesterday, and they were sold out… however, they did have some 50 8x DVD-R spindles(no brand) on the shelves going for $15, so I gave them a try… they turned out to be TYG02’s, and QScan showed it is 16x-capable…

Oh, i’ve checked with someone who is familiar with Canada Computers. Every instance of Taiyo Yuden’s sold by these guys turned out to be fakes.

A real TYG02 has the serial code of GG00xxxx (8 digits) on the inner hub ring.