Taiyo Yuden $62 Shipped For 200 Discs and 200 Paper Sleeves


Was over at the SuperMediaStore site and saw these Taiyo Yuden 4x -R’s for $62 shipped:

When I have ordered the sleeves before - they were on sale for $4 per 100 if you bought media - so that effectively knocks the price down to $54 or $27 per 100 or $.27 each - which is a very reasonable price IMO for this level of quality-


Mike, I received my NEC 3500, NICE
and thanks for the deal, my new NEC 3500 will love them, am pretty sure

how fast can you burn these 4x?

They burn at 8X-12X on NEC 35XX with the right firmware. They stay at 4X with LG and Pioneer 109. My BenQ is so bad with these G01s, that I don’t burn them. I don’t have experience with the Liteon 16XX series but with Omnipatcher it is no problem to get above 4X.

I just looked and saw that I got my last order for TY this week for nearly $20 less than the current price. Finally I ordered from TY and the price went UP!

It depends on the writer and the firmware. The 3500 will burn them at 8X with stock FW.


Yo gc-

You got yours already-WOW!!

I ordered my two about 13 hours after you and have not seen them yet and the shipper is less than 50 miles away-

btw-suggest upgrading to NEC 2.19 firmware or the modded 218btrpc1-


Yup done that, one with hacked fw and one with official fw
thanks for the advice

I’m waiting for the Costco Verbatim inkjet printable’s, buy one get one free deal in August. I’ll have a few folks with me to stock up on those bad boys. :cool:

@harley2ride: what’s the Costco deal? Online coupons? i need to get some printables now! :smiley:


These are now the best price available for the 4x TY’s from SuperMediaStore (the others have increased in price)


Hey Bigmike7, forgot to tell you, both of my NEC 3500, are made in Japan, whoohoo, best investment ever, $94 shipped, taxed included for 2 NEC 3500, both are made in Japan, Not Malaysia

Yo GC-

That’s GREAT - I haven’t opened mine yet - couple of questions-

When Manufactured? and what are the serial numbers? - so I can cross check with mine when I open 'em-



I hope these are as good as the last batch I got. Another poster just received his and was very disappointed in the scans.

Yo chas0039-

These vendors may be scrapping the bottom of the TY barrell with these - didn’t they go out of production about a year ago?


Hey Mike, I am on a 5 days roadtrip. When I come back, I will look it up

These have been around for 2-3 months, I remember when they showed up and we got some G02 mixed in. I don’t even want to began to think of TY as “the bottom of the barrel”. :eek: Hopefully my batch showing up tomorrow will still be A+. Either way you’ll hear it here first.

Yo GC-

Thank you (for everything)-


Got some of these today and they are burning exactly as I have come to expect. The scan below is on my 3520 at 8X and this looks just like scans I have had before on G01. Looks like they are still the good TY.