Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-R's - 100 For $24 Shipped Plus 100 CD Envelopes Free


Just bought a cakebox of the Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s from The Tech Geeks for $24 shipped with 100 CD envelopes tossed in for free here:


Just thought that I would share this bargain-eh!

(btw Newegg is $23 + $5.50 shipping and Rima is $24 + $5.50 shipping - and no free envelopes either)

They also have 100 8x TY DVD-R hub printables for $26.99 shipped. No indication as to whether they are premium or Value line, but for that price it’s almost irrelevant.

As far as CDs Shop4Tech has TYs 20.70 for 100, 39.60 for 200 with the 10% off. Ritek are 19.80 for 100 as well. No sleeves though, unless you buy Ritek with sleeves for 22.50 for 100, but they aren’t TYs. Ritek printable(silver or white) are 22.50 per 100 as well, white printable TYs 33.30 for 100. If you like the sleeves you can’t beat your deal though. Didnt see the TYG02s cheap anywhere though Two Degrees. I’d assume these arent really good MCC though? http://www.thetechgeek.com/content/product.php?pid=8059&cid=3

100 TY 8x DVD-R hub printable: http://www.thetechgeek.com/content/product.php?pid=6527&cid=134

Hmm, maybe those aren’t TY after all.

Man, bigmike, that sounds like a deal! Looks like the real TY spindle, too… I just might spring for these. :bigsmile:


Sure that you did notice that all the Taiyo Yudens at Shop4tech are:

#1 - value CD-R’s - tape wrapped

#2 - out of stock until September 02, 2006

Neither which would do my present needs any good-eh!

K-Mart has Fujifilm CD-R 50 pacs buy one and get one free so that makes 100 for $14.99 and the MIJ I just bought are TY.

They only had three but I got a raincheck for 6 more.

Hope these will be MIJ also but even if not the last MIT Fuji I bought was Prodisc which aren’t all that bad. Probably will only get 2 more if MIT.

At $7.50 a 50 pac they will make good stocking stuffers.

The sale ends Aug. 28th.


ick! No K-mart here!!! :frowning:

At least the raincheck doesn’t obligate you to buy if it’s not the same product. :wink:


Just checked the sight - the offer of 100 paper envelopes is gone - but the free shipping is still good - still making this the lowest shipped price for Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s I could find-eh!

shouldnt cdrs be alot cheaper than dvd-rs

CD-R’s should be cheaper, considering they’ve been around alot longer. My only guess to why they’re not drasticly lower than DVD-R’s is because of the time it takes to make them. It’s probably equal between the two formats.

You can get CD-Rs for significantly less. My guess is that TY discs can’t get much cheaper without them lowering their quality standards. Yeah, I know that there are rebranded in store specials that can be quite a bit cheaper but those are usually clearance or rebate deals.

I am still waiting for those FUJIS CD-R discs go on sale. I haven’t seen a sale on those in ages. BB normally have them on sale for $9.99 per spindle of 50. But ever since DVD blanks became popularized, I haven’t seen Fujis CD-R disc go onsale.

Yeah, that is kind of a bummer. As you well know I’m not big on buying in-store media for a number of reasons, but I always had really good luck with TY Fuji CD-Rs. So it stinks that I can’t find them anymore. It doesn’t help that I moved to the middle of nowhere either.