Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-R's - 100 Cakebox $18 + Shipping




Limited time deal from Meritline (shop at own risk) here:


Instead of using discount code shown on site use - MD1000258OFF918 - and it will reduce price to $17.99-

Shipping to me was shown as $6.88 - which is not as good as Rima - but not bad compared with others-

This is the best CD-R media that you can buy-IMO

Happy Burnin’



yeah, that “shop at your own risk” when shopping at Meritline is warranted, especially with how I’ve read of 1 or 2 posts where someone ordered some TY CD-Rs and they were VERY OLD stock, yet Meritline tried to pawn them off as new. I want to say they had them listed as 52x, yet the ATIP or something proved they were max rated for 24 or 32x. :eek:


I’m stickin’ with Rima none-the-less. :iagree: I KNOW what I’m getting htere, and I don’t part easily with that ever evasive dollar!