Taiyo Yuden 50pack from Rima?

I have a recently purchased NEC -2500a and I had purchased the 50pack of ritekg04 along with it. I wasn’t aware of the problems before I purchased it. Now I want to buy some quality media. Rima.com seems to have the cheapest Taiyo Yuden. Has anyone bought from there and how are the discs? Are they better than the Verbatim 50 pack that are also sold on rima.com? thanks.

It is possible that the Verbatim media is also Taiyo Yuden.
In that case, they would be equal in quality :bigsmile:

If you want to be 100% sure with what you are getting, I would stick with the Taiyo Yuden since it is the best media money can buy. :wink: