Taiyo Yuden 4x -R 100pk $31 free ship

Taiyo Yuden 4x -R 100pk $31 free shipping at Shop4tech. Will burn at 8x or better on most burners.


been posted here a few times…especially by me…LOL…can get them cheaper with a referal…

What do you mean by a referal?

u can get a referal and get a 10% discount…pm me for more details

when someone sends you a referal you will get an email from shop4tech saying you were sent something from a friend that wanted you to share a deal and you get 10% off and you should be able to add a coupon code too

The current coupon is “turkey10”. Be aware that many of these are reported as being TYG03. People with older drives may find that these are incompatible with old firmware.

the best i can get it for is 28 bucks. seems like 4x media should be cheaper then that.

Actually the email comes from the person who sends you the referal and not from shop4tech. You use shop4techs referal system, but the person writes what ever they want with the referal. As of now, you cant use both the referal discount and coupon discount at the same time, due to someone calling and complaining that they couldnt get both to work. It was a bug in shop4techs system that allowed both referals and coupons to work, but they fixed that when someone called and complained. I can still send referals to anyone who wants them. Some people now have been getting TYG03 (thanks to chas0039 for the report and others who have reported).

Hey Studmonkey,

I read an old post that shop4tech wasn’t accepting these extra deals anymore, because one of the members here “ruined” the deal by complaining to shop4tech. You sent him the referral, but he couldn’t get it to work with the extra 10% off code. I remember you wrote it was a bug in their system that allowed this to happen. I’m glad to hear this deal still works.

Also, you sent me a referral several months ago (thanks by the way :clap: ) for some TY dvd’s. Is there a way to send myself a referral so I can use it with the additional 10% off code? I still have TY’s left, but I’ll probably order again in several months.


As I understand it, the discount is only for new customers.

That is correct, but if you have a 2nd email account and a 2nd credit card…

Of course, now that the referal and the the coupon do NOT work together, there is not a lot of benefit to cheating, so why not just use the coupon (contained in a post in this very thread).

I wouldn’t mind getting some TYG03 discs, but with my luck I would get TYG01 (of which I already have a truckload). Not that thats a bad thing, mind you…

u dont need a second credit card…can use same shipping and billing address and same credit card. thier system is set up via email…the referal discount can be used if you ordered before, but just use a different email address…

i tried to order some today 22nd, said coupoun code “turkey10” was no good.
anyone else have a problem?

Nevermind, expired on 15th, didn’t see this :sad:

Use CS10 and that one works for 10% off I just checked it.

dont think it works with referals anymore though…

your right SM but if someone dont use a referal that code still works. But for everyone else I would recomend getting the referal through studmonkey. :iagree::wink:

The CS01 discount code works. Just tried it a minute ago…

how much does it cost then?

$27.90USD for me.