Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R 200 for 55.00 free shipping

Supermedia store has a 200 pack of the value TY 4x for 55.00 with free shipping. Its only a 3 day sale so hurry!!

Is “silver shiny silver” the same as “silver thermal lacquer”?



Thanks for clearing that up bigmike7…

sorry its actually 55.99 with free shipping

3 threads on the same deal it must be on fire :bigsmile:

but the shop4tech TY’s are still cheaper than this if you use coupon code, and you even get a free gift if over 50 dollars!

I didnt see it posted the first time.

Dumb question but humor me -

Are the discs mirror-like shiny on the non-data (hand-writable) side, or are they matte?

The link has “matte” in the URL, and the pictures look matte, but the description says shiny.

If they are shiny, is there anywhere to get matte Taiyo Yuden DVD±Rs in semi-bulk (non re-branded stuff)?


mirror like shiny on top…u can write on them