Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R 100 pack back in stock

Ty 100 pack now back in stock. Can get them for 25.11 with referal and coupon code CS10 or GS10(cant remember which is current). As always if u need a referal, you know what to do…LOL…I know this is a repost, but couldnt find my original thread on it.
Thanks to flcpge for letting me know they were back in stock!!!


You have a PM.


These are one of life’s pleasures, especially at this price. :iagree:

Thanks to referal from ‘studmonkey76’, I am now set for the next couple of months.

200 Pack TY 4X DVD-R = $60 - 10% Referal = $54 - 10% Off Coupon (CS10) = $48.60
Plus, Free Gift on Orders above $50 = 5Pack DVD-RWs with CD Sleeves
Plus, Free Shipping on all the above.

Sweet Deal :bigsmile:

the dvd rw’s i believe were optodisks…

I PM’ed studmonkey76 and he never replied so I had to order without the extra discount, since this go out of stock on a moment’s notice (and 27 cents a disk shipped free plus five free CD-RWs was too good to let slip by while waiting for someone who can’t deliver on his promises).

By the way, I received TYG02’s (same as my previous order of this from Meritline). My guess is that TYG01’s are history, and the 4x orders are being filled with TYG02’s, because those are going to be phased out soon as well.

I never recieved a pm from you or I would have responded. You can ask everyone I do respond when i recieve a pm…and for you to say that i dont keep my promises is totally wrong. I send a referal to everyone who pms me and asks…If you did pm me and the referal was sent, did you check your spam box? Alot of the referals have been going to spam boxes. But after checking who I sent a referal to, your name is not on the list and after checking my pm box here on cdfreaks, guess what…YOU NEVER PMED ME!!!

A couple months back when I first asked for one I got mine right away. Thanks SM :clap:.

You could have posted in here and I am sure he would have replied or some one else could have done something too. I could have sent you one but SM is the man and if you look back for sall the other deals that are posted by him you would see that there has not been one complaint on not getting any help from SM.

Now that they are in stock I hope I get mine from the last go around. I ordered 200 and then 24 hours later they were out and got email saying that they will get some and back orders will be filled first. Im waiting to see what I get. Hopefully some G02:iagree:

I ordered more also, and hope i get the G02 as well. Last batch was the G01…I check this site and my pms alot so if I get a pm I respond right away and plus I have email notifications on, so when the pms come through I get a notice showing I have a pm…

I would take him to court, see if he will settle before trial. :smiley:

He replied within 15 minutes and let me know I had forgotten my email address, then it took about 5 minutes to show up in my inbox for the referral. You must kick the dog when you stub your toe. :slight_smile:

LMAO hardcandy thats just too funny…

Anyone who asked for a referal, you should have gotten it by now via email. Make sure you check your bulk mail or spam filters. If you have not gotten it by now, pm me again…Thanks

Hey boys and girls, someone called and mentioned that the codes arent working with the referals…I bet it was someone who posted in one of my threads before complaining that the coupon didnt work with referal, well anyway there is a new code that as of right now is working with the referals… techbargains

As of now, it appears that the “techbargains” code is not working anymore with referrals. I receoved this message:

“Your shopping cart already includes a Tell-a-Fried discount which is higher than the discount provided by the coupon that you have entered. The discount offered by the coupon was not applied to your shopping cart.”

If I have done something wrong, please let me know. Thanks!

Edit: This is not a complaint, just wanted to inform others. Thanks again for the referral.

You havent done anything wrong…I found out that someone called and complained because they couldnt get both the referal and the discount code to work and ruined it for everyone else. Both codes were not suppose to work together, but a bug in thier system allowed them both. Thanks to whoever called and ruined it for everyone else. Over a whole 3 bucks, the person ruined it for everyone else.

sorry boys and girls, they fixed thier bug in thier system that allowed both referal and discount coupons. someone called and complained that they couldnt get both the discounts.

some people are just stupid :rolleyes:

thanks anyway :clap:

Ha sany one gotten theirs in yet? What are they? The 200 that I ordered from the last time that they ran out off should be here tommorow. Im hoping for some 02’s :iagree:

We haven’t heard from “The stud” lately have we? I wonder, he sounded like the type to call and complain about a $3 discount.

I didnt call and complain about a 3 dollar discount…LOL…I wasnt complaining at all, because the link worked for me 2, so why would I call and complain??? That makes no sense at all…Now why would I go and complain, it would make me look like an idiot on here, promising people something and then not delivering. I wouldnt do that at all. Ive spent alot of time taking care of everyone who asked for a referal, I wouldnt waste my time, if i was gonna call and complain. I like discounts as much as the next guy, so what you are saying makes no sense at all…