Taiyo Yuden 4x and NEC 3520A

Well I just bought a NEC 3520A drive for 50 dollars, and for 50 dollars I think it does pretty well. I also got 150 Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD+R’s for 30 dollars. I was wondering how to get these to burn faster than 4x, on some reviews I read, they were getting up to almost 12x burn speeds on these. I can get an easy 8x with them on my Plextor 716-A but I was wanting to also achieve faster speeds on my NEC drive as well. The media code for these discs are:

YUDEN000 T01

Any help would be great! Also should I be using the firmware that came with this drive, or should I switch to some modified firmware?

Look in the NEC firmware forum to see your options.


Also if you want a 4X media that burns faster with stock firmware, try some of the TY -Rs on sale at Meritline or Supermedia or shop4tech. On my 3500 I get 8X burns.

So is the NEC inferior to the Plextor when it comes to +R media?

I’d say no. I tried a Plextor and traded it into for the NEC. I get better or equal quality burns with DVD+R media. I use good quality FujiFilm TY 8x DVD+R. I also burned a few leftover el-cheapo GQ LD 4x DVD+R and got good quality burns on that as well, a little better with the NEC than the Plextor did with them.

Why can my NEC not get any faster than 4x with this discs, while my plextor can burn them at 8x with no problems?

EDIT: Oh and I just noticed with my NEC drive, when I go into lets say, Nero and try to select the burn speed with no disc in the drive, it only shows up to 6x burn speeds on DVDs, is there any reason for this?

The NEC 3520 firmware only allow burning this media at 4x.

Check supported media here. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=793036#post793036

If you don’t care about loosing warranty, you can try a hacked firmware.

Upgrade your version off Nero to latest.

I just flashed it with a new firmware and it is letting me burn it at 8x now. Its on the supported media list too. Thanks for the help.

Also, you should be aware, even the best burner made can turn out crap if you burn media at a speed faster than it was designed for. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean that it will a good idea. And just because it can be played doesn’t mean it is a quality burn. Your TY should work but a lot of other media will not.

I can set my Liteon to burn 1X media at 12X if I really want to, but the scans are horrible.

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