Taiyo Yuden 4x 200 pcs for $60 Shipped




SuperMediaStore has the Taiyo Yuden 4x “Value Discs” for $60 for 200 pieces and 200 paper sleeves (usually $4 per 100) shipped-

Pretty good deal - since they usually charge $7 to $9 shipping per 100-

You can see it here:



My luck “Out of Stock” right now - they musta flew out the door.



That was quick - I only got that e-mail 30 minutes ago-



:bigsmile: I left the website a minute before I posted. My email I just seen had a time from today of 10:34 EST… I shoulda checked my mail earlier :frowning:


OOS?? I just receive the email this morning and I receive the same ad from them and the last time I checked my email was a few hours before that
darn false advertisement


I just ordered at 12:00 PM Pacific. My order went through for a 200 pack, $60, free shipping. Got eamil confirmation and all, no mention of backorder.


West Coast 3 hours ahead of me …I just checked the website again and it has the order quantity block and the OOS is gone…maybe a truck pulled up from when I checked before and now :bigsmile:

Edit - when I tried right before I did my previous post …it had Out Of Stock


I had to buy those Fuji 8x for 38 bucks!!! This is just my luck.

Good deal with the 200 sleeves to.


its back just ordered some


This looks like a great deal. How fast does this media burn in a NEC 3500? Good quality?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


:o/ Sold out.



Yo JD-

Hey Bra - ya snooze - ya lose - eh?



Back up again @ $65/200 shipped.