TAIYO YUDEN 4.7GB 8X DVD-R 50 Pack 20.99+.99 shipping



Newegg has these on sale right now


Last pack of Yudens I got from them turned out to be fakes.



Are you sure?

Cannot believe that Newegg - with their great reputation and high www.resellerratings.com scores - would even dare to send out fakes-

What proved to you that they were fakes?

When you brought it to their attention - what did they do about it?



3 bad burns right off the bat. It’s been about a year ago, I ran it through dvd identifier. Cant remember what it said they were but I called Newegg and they let me return them. They arrived in shrink wrap with no packing in the box and looked like they had been through a war zone.


I have made a lot of purchases from newegg and this was the only incident I had ever had with them so I have never bought any more disc’s from them.


I bought Yuden from Newegg and they were great. Same cake boxes as Rima and all the codes were correct. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.


that deal is not even great. I am not worried about fake TYs since I am not even touching this deal


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Did you buy the Taiyo Yudens or did you buy another brand claiming the TY media ID code? That is where people usually run into trouble. I have yet to hear of fakes being sold under the Taiyo Yuden label. You run into trouble when you buy brands like Sonic, Matrix, ect. that claim the basic Taiyo Yuden media ID code. Anyways I agree that this deal isn’t much of a deal. You can get 50 packs or 100 packs from www.rima.com for less even after factoring in shipping charges. If you want to count the value TY then there is just no comparison in price.


The listing looked the same as the above link. It was from newegg and listed as Taiyo Yuden. They were 4x, shiney and smooth. Same as the 8x comes now.


What makes you think they were fake?


As I said above. I had 3 bad burns in a row. Used Dvdidentifier and it pulled an off the wall media code that wasnt close to anything I had even seen Yuden use. Newegg gave me no hassle about it and refunded them upon return without question.


Sounds more like NewEgg sent you the wrong item…


BK24: When you purchased those fake tys,how did newegg.com have them listed. Were they genuine taiyo yuden like in chiguai’s opening link,or under another brand name saying they were ty?

I’ve seen quite a few posts a while back about newegg.com selling fake tys,but they were under a generic brand name saying they were Ty-g02.They were also made somewhere else,other than japan.


The link he provides looks just like it did back then. I’m inclined to agree with Two Degrees in that Newegg prolly shipped the wrong item.