Taiyo yuden 4.7g 100 pack?

I need some blanks and am considering the taiyo yuden 100 pack, $29.00 shipped, 4.7g 1-4x writable- though I read reviews saying they actually burn much faster, since my pioneer burner is made to burn at 4x, I prefer to burn at 4x. though I have a hacked firmware allowing for 8x burns. So what do you guys think? Good deal? Here’s the link, if anyone would like to take a look:http://www.shop4tech.com/?go=view_item&id=3007&r=184

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Do not buy these for a 4x burner, unless the seller can guarantee that you will get TY G01 media. (they usually cannot).

Usually they will ship 8x or even 16x media that is incompatable with your burner.

I concur. Even if your firmware allows for 8x burns, value line can be any one of the following: 4x TYG01, 8x TYG02, 16x TYG03. So if you get the 16x discs you are screwed. I would spend a bit extra and get the 8x TYG02 discs from www.rima.com. Still works out to about $38 shipped and if your burner can support the 8x discs, then you will be fine as you will always get 8x TYG02 when you order from rima. My old Pioneer 105 with stock V1.21 firmware got along great with those discs. I have since replaced it with a 109, but even to this day the old burner still burns those 8x TYs without a hitch.

I’m guessing that’s a Pioneer A06. A fine burner, but I’m not sure it even has firmware support for 8x media. I would stick with only 4x unless you have had good results with some particular 8x.

I was perusing a couple places this week, and saw lots of older 4x media on the shelves, mostly Memorex which is Ricoh JPNR01. A perfect match for the Pioneer. I also saw some 2.4x and 2x media still on the shelves.

If I was planning to keep using an A06, that’s what I would be buying. Go check out CircuitCity or CompUSA for 4x media, but be prepared to pay for it.

If supported or not - you can find it out by reading this: http://wwwbsc.pioneer.co.jp/product-e/ibs/device_e/dev00003r_e.html

Those are probably a good bet for the original poster.

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Thanks all you guys for your kind advice- thanks also to chef for the nice link to the pioneer site with the excellent tables and info- which indicate that I am ok with media certified 1-16x, so long as I burn at 4x (which I do anyway)

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You’re deffinitely NOT OK with 16x media. Unless your current FW version has the specific media code listed, the drive will burn with a generic strategy. In your case this will possibly be 2x/2.4x on any media not listed in the FW tables.

Suggest you post this in the Pioneer forum to see you knows for sure what a specific media like TY 8x will do in the drive. I seem to recall that that drive does have 8x TY in the FW, but I am not certain.

The Ricoh R01 at AllMediaOutlet is a good bet, and a decent value.

I concur. I have yet to see a 4x burner properly support 16x media.

Got the taiyo yunden 100 pack in a couple days ago - tested it with nero cd/dvd speed, and it turns out that they’re 8x, and have so far burned great discs at both 4x and max(whatever that is). Thanks to you guys for all the input- now I know to refer to this forum for future issues :slight_smile: