Taiyo Yuden 16x +r printable Media



ummm… i have been looking around the internet for a pack of 25/50 ty printable disks. However the only reliable site i can buy them off (svp) only has them in backs of 100. Does anyone know a site i can get 25/50 off (in the uk)




Please don’t open always a new thread when you can use existing thread to ask question and make your point.


Ok, i would, but i thought it was too specific to put it in a different thread.


I must admit, there aren’t many threads relevant to UK users here. :slight_smile:


You are absolutely right and if the poster from Europe or UK then I sorry and would withdraw my request. We have to be fair to the entire member of this family.


Hi Ciggy, I’m also in the UK, the only site I’ve found with 25’s is this one but they are silver printable plextor branded TY.

There is also some white printable 8x at jetcase.co.uk. But these are quite pricey.

As TY is only shipped in cakeboxes of 100, it’s up to the seller whether they want to repackage them into 25’s.

Hope this helps