Taiyo Yuden 16X DVD-R white inkjet hub printable 100 pack


I’m about to place my first order for TY printable, I found the following at Supermediastore:


I could not find them at RIMA.

What’s your opinion?


You’re in Europe, i don’t know if they ship outside USA.
Did you check this ?

I will be in the US in a few days, generally I get the stuff sent to some friends of mine and bring it back to EU.


Some that I have talked to have claimed that while the media is superior, the print quality is not quite as good as some other brands. I don’t know how important that is to you, but there it is.


I ordered a spindle from Supermedia store last week. Hope to have some scans next week…

How long does it take before you get them delivered?
I mean, do they respect their estimated delivery date?


They shipped them the day after I placed my order. I placed my order at 4:30pm PST so I wouldn’t expect them to go same day.

UPS says 4/14… they are 99% on time.