Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-/+R Vs. Verbatim 16x DVD-/+R

Which brand is better? Please feel free to include some experiences you have hadwith one/both brands.

I am also kinda curious to know how people feel about + or - format in general. Which one do you think is superior? Why do you feel so?

Yuden T02 or Verbatim MCC 004 are on top of my list. I prefer T02 because they are MIJ. MCC 004’s quality can vary, though.

Some timo ago I asked the same question here. It seems that “+” is technically superiour (see also the article here) and “-” is more compatible with very old DVD players (but “+” with bitsetting is good, too).
But the differences are not big, so stick with whatever your burner and players like best.

I decided to use “+” with my Pioneer 111 burner, because he likes them and my ancient DVD player (Yamakawa, 6 years old now) likes them too - even without bitsetting. He even plays DVD+RW just fine.

I use both + and - Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. Whichever is the cheapest at the time. (From a retailer I trust. Quite a few fake disks about.)
Both work fine on my Pioneer 111 and Samsung SH-S182M.