Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R $30.49 (50)

Meritline is offering TY 16x DVD-R for $30.49 (50) and $58.99 for (100). That is tempting with my Plex 716a. :cool:


Wow, that is cheap for 16x media especially considering it is just coming out and all. TY starts with prices that low it’s just going to absolutely force the competition to drop their prices as well to match suit. :slight_smile:

Now if they were only inkjet hub-printable…

And if they were for sale by somebody else. Check out meritline.com’s overall rating and last 6 month rating at www.resellerratings.com. NOT GOOD!!!

I just checked their rating out and it does suck. Last 6 months is pretty bad at 2.6 out of 10 (highest). Anyone purchased anything from these guys lately? :eek:

Does anybody know approximately how much the shipping cost would be?

what is the need for 16X??? TY 8X burnt fine at 16X for me.

Undoubtedly TYG03 will burn better at 8x than TYG02 since it’s rated for 16x.

I purchased my last batch of TY 8x DVD+R from Meritline about 2-3 months ago. I had no problems with them at all, just that they were a bit slow on the delivery but that’s more UPS then anything.

Meritline will probably send you Princo and then change the webpage.

Some time back I ordered some PIODATA 8x DVD-R from them that on their webpage they had in big bold red “Taiyo Yuden” media.
They sent me RITEKG05 meida.
When I went back to the webpage they had removed the big bold red “Taiyo Yuden”.
But I found it in google cached pages…

I called them and tried to talk to some guy with broken Chineese English (which I could hardly understand) and he tried to give me some bullshit like the medias change all the time blah, blah, blah. Well it wasn’t worth my time and expense to send them back, so I ate it.

Will never buy from Meritline again.

Here’s the screen cap from the cached page I made my purchase decision from… :a


Caveat Emptor


what kind of burner do you have that lets you burn TY 8X at 16X?

Purchased a Dual Sample Pack on 1/30/05 and have not received the package. Meritline said they would respond after 45 days which is standard for APO/FPO, the only problem is that I live in Tenn. Meritline has quit responding to my email. BEWARE!!!

My NEC ND-3500 burns 'em at 16X with stock firmware. (FW 2.18)



yes, I am tempted also.

I have a lot of 8X T02, and I can only burn it at 12X.

But it seems that this site MAY be a problem to deal with, judging by some of the comments.


congratulations on your success.

I was in your area of the country some years ago, and I enjoyed the beauty of it also.

I noticed your Avatar, and I hope that it is not a personal picture. :wink:


Just got the Verbatim 16x -R - 75 for $28 SHIPPED - after Mail In Rebate- from www.supermediastore.com -

That comes out to just about 1/2 of what the TY’s are going for - PLUS shipping-

After reading the reviews for the Verbatim 16x elsewhere on these forums and how they burned in my 3500’s - figured that they were a bargin-


btw - Welcome back JD!!