Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R "200 pack" 69.99 w/free shipping


They also have 100 pack TY white inkjet printable 8x DVD-R for 39.99 w/free ground shipping.

lol was just going to post this, if i hadn’t ordered 600 TYs from shop4tech the other week i would jump on this, i’ve never had 16x media before and i trust SMS but normally their shipping prices are outrageous

I agree their shipping is pricey. I just loaded up with 300 Verb 16x DVD+R’s so I think I will pass as well.

at least this deal has free shipping


At $35 per 100 shipped - this is a very good deal for Taiyo Yuden IMO-



The website says this media is hub printable. Does it have the same amount of room for Sharpie labels as, say, silver lacquer? From the picture, it looks like there’s not a whole lot of room to write, but I’m not sure if that’s the right picture since the picture for hub printable TY DVD-R’s at rima.com doesn’t have all the type on the label… Thanks!


Pleanty of room-eh!


The 100 pack has $5 rebate, so I bought the 200 pack without rebate, free shipping, but I have to pay tax. Dam Tax. Now any1 has any good deal on DVD/CD direct printer??? My last Epson R200 did not last long and ink is hella expensive

Didnt see the rebate until I clicked on the link. Thanks for pointing that out. Anyone tried the TY 16x DVD-R on the Benq 1640? Or the Lite-On 1693S?

Very cheap, that’s about one third of That’s 16x DVD-R.

Agreed with Kenshin, these are 16X capable and burnt very nice at 12X using DVDDecryptor for creating an image and burnt with Nero ultra 7.012. This disc kicks my Datalife plus Verbatim inkjet printable butts big time.

on BenQ 1640 with BSLB FW, SB on, WOPC on, Speeding On.
and these are inkjet printable print all the way to the center circle.
These are the actual product I bought at Supermedia.com for $69.99 shipped, I paid a few $$ extra for tax, received next day.

Would you please clarify? The 200 Taiyo Yuden pack for $69.99 had inkjet printable tops? :confused:

The forum topic is about the TY 16x DVD-R “200 pack” if I’m not mistaken. Are these discs what your Nero CD-DVD Speed screen capture is of? I’d like to know since I just purchased two of these 200 packs.

By the way, I’m a noob. Just bought a PX-716A this week.

ooops wrong forum, there is another forum for the inkjet printable, I guess I clicked on the wrong one, wait, I am in CDFREAKS Forum, not Anandtech Forum. hehe

Your scan is for TYG02, 8X media. The posting refers to TYG03 16X media.

I am waiting for YUDEN000 T03 myself. As good as TY -R is, their +R always is much better on my burners. In any case, most of it is better burned at 12X so I am in no hurry as my YUDEN000 T02 is great at 8X or 12X.

This is a great price, though, for those who really need 16X.

who sells TY 16 +r’s anyway?

Only overseas, if at all.

Taiyo Yuden.