Taiyo Yuden 12x or 16x media?



Does Taiyo Yuden produce dvd media at such speeds?
Reason I ask is because benq 1640 doesn’t support overspeeding officially, and I don’t want to void my warranty.


TY GO3, 16x -R is widely available. +R is not yet available.


Do you know which company rebrands such media? I prefer to buy media at bestbuy,circuit, etc. So far I have seen memorox 16x and verbatim. Should I look for medias that are made in japan?

btw Is verbatim 16x mcc or cmc?


In south Korea, TYG03(-R) and YUDEN000T03(+R) both are available.


It’s only available as generic AFAIK.



Official not available yet any 16x media



There is That’s brand 16x -R available: http://startlab.co.jp/ss/products/thats/list.asp?md=dvm&use=d&spd=16


Υου are right -I was confused to understand Japanese,so my first look went to photos. -I don’t understand why “That’s” don’t have English info -Taiyo Yuden’s main site ,have English section.


A better question is, why isn’t there “That’s” brand TY discs for sale in more markets than Asia? I think you’ve mentioned you can get it in Greece, but those are undoubtedly imported. Why no “That’s” for US/Canada and Europe?


Not sure about the Benq but I know that the latest NEC and Pioneer models will write the 8x TY discs at 12x or higher. IMHO 16x discs are a waste. Significantly more expensive and no real time savings